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Videocode Parasites

by Agent-C // Friday, August 18, 2006 // News, News, Upfront // 0 Comments

Attention all face-hugging parasites.
Another Videocode webmaster at work.
And by that I mean people who run these craptastic "videocodes" websites. I hope somebody siphons out your gas tank with a hose and sells your gas for crack.

I caught yet another videocode site sucking away at our content and bandwidth the other day and it pissed me off to the point where I felt compelled to write this rant. I have no problem with video codes and distributing videos to embed in profile pages when it's legal to do so, but you bottom-feeder site owners who take it upon yourselves to pass out deep links to my content to make a quick buck off my hard work have another thing coming. Grow up and learn how to run a legit business.