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Tom Petty Stands Up For The Fans!

by Unknown // Thursday, May 11, 2006 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

tom petty
Fans of bands such as Radiohead and Tool have been frustrated in recent weeks by scalpers who purchased tickets via fan clubs or pre-sales, then immediately put them up for sale online, shutting out die-hards who were unable to buy tickets through Ticketmaster. Now Tom Petty is taking a stand, fighting back against scalpers who bought fan club tickets to his co-headlining shows in Minnesota with Pearl Jam, and then turned around to sell them elsewhere.

Approximately 600 tickets to the Petty/Pearl Jam shows, set for June 26 and 27, were cancelled, thanks to Ticketmaster, Petty's management, and the show promoter and the site administrator of the presale. According to Billboard, the now-void tickets will be re-sold through Petty's fan club, though with much more strict rules, such as a required photo ID.