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The Flaming Lips Release 6-Hour Song & Trippy Toy

by Unknown // Monday, October 3, 2011 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

The Flaming Lips have recorded a brand new song titled "Found A Star On The Ground," which is undoubtedly the longest single piece of music ever recorded clocking in at a generous 360 minutes.

For those of you bad at math, that's SIX HOURS of continuous psychedeliscized music with a view to raise 100% of the proceeds of benefit local Oklahoma concerns: The Central Oklahoma Humane Society and The Academy of Contemporary Music at The University of Oklahoma.

Much as already been outlined in the press but the details can officially be revealed.

"Found A Star On The Ground" began as a possible 25-minute opus but as the band actually began the recording process in Steven Drozd's home studio in Oklahoma City, the ideas began to flow well beyond all scope of epic proportions as one might expect from The Lips. A few days of recording blurred into a 4-week off-and-on process in-between regional and international concert appearances.

It became apparent to the band that this would be the perfect vehicle to foster a charitable component to raise and benefit local foundations that have been close to the hearts of the band for the past several years. The idea arose that The Lips could reach out to their fans via their official website and Wayne's by now famous and personal Twitter following. For a donation of $100- fans would have their name appear somewhere in the song and feel good about contributing to a pair of worthy causes the band could share with their fans. Sean Lennon recently recorded the long list of contributors' names to the recording.

The song itself will be contained within a newly-developed mesmerizing toy, The Strobo Trip. This unique devise has been called "A Light & Audio Phase Illusions Toy" to be used in conjunction with "Found A Star On The Ground" to create a complete Lipsian happening to be enjoyed by yourself or with other interesting people or pets. Honestly users, you'll just have to experience this multi-sensory phenomenon for yourselves to understand the super cool concept.

Coyne says, "The Strobo Trip by itself is fascinating. I wouldn't be surprised to hear to hear about some people taking LSD or something, while listening to "Found A Star On The Ground," and playing with The Strobo Trip for hours and hours. We hope you'll enjoy them anyway you like."

If a single 6-hour-long song weren't enough, The Strobo Trip will also contain two more brand new - and much shorter - songs!