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The Big R's of 2007

by Kristi Lee // Monday, February 5, 2007 // Kristi Lee's Dirrty Mouth // 0 Comments


2007 seems to be the year of reunions and rumors.

The Police are suppose to play Coachella or Banaroo, Smashing Pumpkins at Lallaplooza, Nirvana at SXSW..which can some please explain that one to me!

All these speculations are giving me a headache.

The rumors all starting from line ups of this years festivals.

While many point the finger for the rumors at wishful thinking blogging fans. I think that it a total cop out.

It seems this is the new marketing ploy by the festival promoters. By starting these antagonizing stories it gets people going. Ready to buy tickets and buy them ASAP.

And let me remind you these festival tickets are not cheap and love to slap on a outrageous handling fee.!

So is it worth it? What to believe? Maybe Kurt Cobain will make some miraculous comeback from the dead and be at SXSW...but who knows what will happen with some of these old favs. I will say if you wont hurt your wallet to much festival goers are guaranteed some great music!