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Roxwel's Top 5 Video Countdown

by Unknown // Tuesday, September 5, 2006 // News, News, News, News, Upfront // 0 Comments

Kristi LeeKristi Lee counts down the top 5 videos on Roxwel for the week of September 4th. This week\'s episode includes videos from Wolfmother, Scissor Sisters, Hoobastank, Hellogoodbye and Nickelback, as well as an exclusive Artist Commentary from The New Pornographers at Lollapalooza! (vodcast)

Top 5 Videos


Nickelback - Array][title]


Far Away

Roadrunner Records Inc.
Nigel Dick

Nickelback performs on a sound stage while a firefighter & his girl are brought closer by his near-death experience on the job.


Hellogoodbye - Array][title]


Here (In Your Arms)

Drive Thru Records
Scott Culver

This Hellogoodbye video takes place at Camp Holadios & brings to mind such classic camp movies as 'Wet Hot American Summer'.


Hoobastank - Array][title]


Inside Of You

Island Def Jam

The tables are turned in this backwards peep show. Beautiful women put money in the machine for a chance to leer & strip to the sight of Hoobastank playing 'Inside of You.' Pay attention for the twist at the end.


Scissor Sisters - Array][title]

Scissor Sisters

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'


The Scissor Sisters just aren't feeling like themselves today. It sounds like they have a lot on their minds & they just 'Don't Feel Like Dancin'. Don't worry, just cause they're not dancing doesn't mean that you can't.


Wolfmother - Array][title]


Joker And The Thief

Modular / Interscope

Johnny Knoxville & the rest of the MTV Jackass crew meet Wolfmother in their hometown of Sydney, Australia for a homecoming show & some classic Jackass pranks. Hilarity ensues.


The New Pornographers - Array][title]

The New Pornographers

Use It (Artist Commentary)


Carl Newman sat down with Roxwel at Lollapalooza to elaborate on their 'Use It' video. Listen to Newman talk about working with director Blanie Thurier & comedian David Cross as well as explain what the Special People Players have to do with the video.