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Pete Doherty Denied Gun License

by Kristi Lee // Wednesday, February 7, 2007 // Kristi Lee's Dirrty Mouth, Blogs // 0 Comments


Supermodel Kate Moss' BF Pete Doherty has entertained us again this year.

Doherty has decided he wants to take up shooting and applied for his gun license, and was very much so denied.

I think the coke and heroine have killed most of your braincells.

You were just in the news less than two weeks ago for admitting yourself and kate to rehab. Which is what the 100th time now?

And you think the law will ok you to shoot a gun! heeellllllloooo

I'm personally going to beat you with....your 45lb girlfriend in hopes of knocking some common sense into you!!!!

Do us all a favor and stay off the drugs, back awayyyyy from the guns and just make some good damn music!

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