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Pearl Jam's Bassist Gets A Beat Down

by Unknown // Thursday, May 14, 2009 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments



Jeff Ament


Bassist from Pearl Jam, Jeff Ament,  was jumped and robbed by three masked scumbags with knives -- and the whole thing was caught on tape.

According to a police report filed in Atlanta, Jeff Ament was pulling up to their studio back in April with a friend, when the three little bitches darted out of some nearby woods, smashed the windows of Ament's ride and demanded cash.

The bassist tried to take off on foot, but the robbers caught up with him, knocked him to the ground and stole over $7,000 in money and goods, according to Rolling Stone.

Ament suffered a laceration on his head and was treated at the scene. The whole thing was caught on a nearby security cam -- but despite the eye in the sky, no arrests have been made.

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