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New Mudvayne Album

by Unknown // Wednesday, October 7, 2009 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments





Mudvayne are back with a self-titled release that will hit stores on December 22, 2009 and leave fans blown away by its eclectic complexity and brutality. Mudvayne's last record “The New Game”, produced two hit singles; the #1 ‘Do What You Do’ and ‘Scarlet Letters’ are continuing to receive massive radio airplay and video rotation on MTV2 and Fuse. One could say that this new album is the hardest, but yet most melodic record, Mudvayne has ever created. 

Alongside the blistering new tunes. Mudvayne have outdone themselves once again with the mind-blowing packaging for the new album.  The new album is revolutionizing album artwork design, as this is the first album to ever use black light reactive ink.  Every bit of art and text in the packaging of the record will be printed on ink that can only be seen with a black light.  Fans receiving this record as a gift during the holiday season, could truly have a “White Christmas” courtesy of Mudvayne.

Matt McDonough Mudvayne's drummer had the following to say about the new album, “I feel that this album is the best that the band has recorded since our second album, The End of All Things to Come.”

The album will be available in three formats.  Those include, the standard jewel case edition, a deluxe edition that comes with a black light, and the super deluxe edition that includes a larger black light, a special edition black light reactive poster, and more.