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Myspace Your Killin Me

by Kristi Lee // Tuesday, August 22, 2006 // Kristi Lee's Dirrty Mouth // 0 Comments


So I joined Myspace over a year ago and I will be honest here.....if I have access to a computer I check my Myspace mail everyday.

BUT WHY!!!!! People end up finding me that I never wanted to speak to again. Then they want to know what I've been up...well you know for the past 10 years I've been up to a frickin LOT! Or even better when they go into this whole novel of how wonderful their life has been since they last saw you...BS!

Sometimes I just want to say I don't care and I never liked you....however, finding the X's is always the highlight. Then you get to stop and ask yourself what the heck was I thinking!

Then you have the days where you find yourself bored in front of the computer browsing through peoples pages feeling like...WOW I'm a stalker.

The cool thing about Myspace is it does give bands and fans easy access to each other. Indie bands can stick out with the features and band picks Myspace does daily. Roxwel even selects videos for the countdown by what Myspace is pushing. Bands such as: Cursive, Razorlight, AFI, Stone Sour, Wolfmother, and Meg & Dia have all been chosen because of Myspace.

So is this Myspace thing going anywhere? Thats a good question....I've got no clue.

So for now we have all jumped on this Myspace band wagon with over 100,000,000 users, and will keep checking mail, posting comments, changing our pics, and stalking.

See you on Myspace!!!!