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Metric Leads the Canadian Invasion

by Unknown // Wednesday, June 7, 2006 // News, News // 0 Comments

MetricMetric has been earning Canadian music the respect that it deserves on the world stage. Singer Emily Haines writes songs that blend elements of new wave, indie pop, and progressive music to create a style uniquely her own. The band's debut full-length album 'Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?' was an immediate hit & paved the way for the even more expansive and biting 2005 follow-up 'Live It Out'. Check out their latest video 'Poster of A Girl' which features a paranoid looking Haines wandering the city, eventually finding herself as a spectator at her own show.

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Metric - Array][title]


Poster of a Girl

Last Gang Records
Micah Meisner

Metric, who once considered themselves a bit of a vagrant band, citing the likes of Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London home, became identified with the Canadian Invasion around the time of their first album 'Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?'. Lead singer Emily Haines has a rich history with ties to such acts as Broken Social Scene, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Stars.


Metric - Array][title]


Monster Hospital

Last Gang Records
Micah Meisner

Emily Haines & company deliver a powerful anthem to follow up their breakthrough debut album 'Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?' Director Micah Meisner creates a horrific slasher-movie feel to accompany Haines as she struggles with war as it relates to her own personal fears.


Metric - Array][title]


Combat Baby

Everloving Records

Watching war games on the television.


Other Alternative Acts


Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Array][title]

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Y Control

Interscope Records
Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze creates a haunting video in which Yeah Yeah Yeahs' singer Karen O summons children to cause mass destruction and general mayhem.


Also from Canada


Arcade Fire - Array][title]

Arcade Fire

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Merge Records
Josh Deu

This is the first chapter of the four part 'Neighborhood' saga from the Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' album. The video, directed by former band member Josh Deu, features live shots of the band mixed with dream-like animation. The band is currently holed up in a church outside of Montreal recording their highly anticipated sophomore album.


Rufus Wainwright - Array][title]

Rufus Wainwright

Across The Universe

V2 Records
Len Wiseman

Rufus was a big fan of Judy Garland so it's no suprise that this Beatles-cover video staring Dakatoa Fanning feels Wizard of Ozzy. The director, Len Wiseman, who borrowed heavily from the Surrealist work of Rene Magritte, received a 2002 MVPA award nomination for this piece. From the "I Am Sam" soundtrack.


Death From Above 1979 - Array][title]

Death From Above 1979

Blood On Our Hands

Vice Recordings
Chris Grismer

The band performs in a basement club where white incandescent lights flash in the background.


The New Pornographers - Array][title]

The New Pornographers

All For Swinging You Around

Matador Records
Blaine Thurier

The school geeks are doing double dutch while the hot chicks are rehearsing their dance team number.