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Lolla '10: Day 3 Recap

by Unknown // Friday, August 13, 2010 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

We woke up to gloomy skies on Sunday morning and then a chilly drizzle that seemed it would plague the day.  But by 2pm or so, the clouds lifted to tolerable mugginess, certainly much prefered to the rain for the last day of Lollapalooza 2010

Mumford & Sons

I kicked off my day by (barely) catching Mumford & Sons in the photo pit.  I had checked these London folk rockers out prior to the fest and was definitely into what I heard.  And so are a lot of people apparently, considering the crazy early afternoon crowd they had sprawled across the grass in front of the Playstation stage.  The put on a lively, energetic show for sure, and I loved how the band members frequently switch up the instruments they play.  On the same U.S. label as Phoenix, Glassnote Records, you can bet Mumford & Sons is garnering recognition in this country and abroad with a heavy European and U.S. tour schedule through mid-November.  Def check 'em out...I'll be catching them at Stubb's in Austin! 


Next up was Brooklyn's experimental-psych-pop-rock quintet Yeasayer on the Budweiser stage across the way.  I caught these dudes in Austin this spring and was pretty impressed with their live show.  They're definitely a more production-heavy band, which can be hard to recreate in the live setting.  And, as compared with their right-in-the-middle-of-the-hot-hot-day-and-bright-sun Lolla set, I was definitely digging more on their lighting and the overall experience I had at the La Zona Rosa show I saw in April.  Nonetheless, I caught myself listening to Odd Blood this week, remembering how much I enjoyed that album.   

Sen Dog, Cypress Hill

And speaking of albums, if you were Sen Dog and B-Real of Cypress Hill, what records would you pick up with $100 to boot?  Well, we just released a video of these guys doing just that in Austin's Waterloo Records.  And having spent a good amount of time with them in the store - all the while holding a boom - it was pretty cool to see them perform about three feet away from me in the photo pit.  Hey, I remember you!  And I wasn't the only one stoked to see 'em live.  I met a couple fans who'd been camped out in the very front row pretty much all day for their set.  They wanted food...that I could not provide.  Roxwel stickers?  Sure!  Sweet. 

Fans Lookin' for Grub
Fans Lookin' for Grub

Catching the end of Cypress Hill's set from afar, my next decision was Soundgarden vs. Arcade Fire.  Okee, so my knowledge of Soundgarden hardly extends beyond "Black Hole Sun."  And I know pretty much nothing of Arcade Fire but have only heard very good things about them from very trusted sources.  Sooooo....what did I do?  Soundgarden :-)  Initially, the plan was to catch an hour of them and the last of Arcade Fire's set.  Well, I got sucked in and was surrounded by several super hard core Soundgarden fans and just couldn't bring myself to leave.  I thoroughly enjoyed their set and definitely want to get up on my Soundgarden (I know, kinda late in the game...oh well!).  I was, however, disappointed by how they ended the show.  No "Thank you, Chicago...we're out!"  No encore.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  A couple flashes of light from the rigs and music.  Wha what?  Ok, if that's how you wanna go out. 

Overall, though, it was a super fun weekend filled with great music, a chill vibe, happy people and good friends.  Looking forward to next year!  When is that?  Oh wait, Lolla has already released the dates for 2011.  August 5 - 7...see ya there!  Peace out. 

by @crunchyMunckin