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Korean Indie Rock Bands Perform Live Planet Studio Sessions

by Unknown // Monday, August 22, 2011 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments



When it comes to Korean music, people tend to think of K-pop - a genre of music that blends choreography with fashion and style. However, an established Indie Rock scene is working its way to the limelight, proving that there is more to Korean music than pop tunes.

Roxwel is excited to feature indie videos from Korean bands in order to highlight the growing Korean indie rock community. "By sharing music videos and performances of various aspiring acts, our Northern American audience has the opportunity to be introduced to fresh and unique artists that they might not have discovered on their own," says Rob Campanell, Co-Founder and Director of Content Programming for Blastro Networks.

Korean indie rockers Mongoose, Galaxy Express, The Freaks, 3rd Line Butterfly and Seoul Electric Band are some of the genre's best live bands, and Roxwel teamed up with studio live project Live Planet to feature the bands' studio performances on the site. Aimed at music enthusiasts who are eager to discover new artists and bands via high quality video/audio, Live Planet studio sessions provide a great glimpse at the sort of diversity and talent that exists behind the K-pop culture.

Regarding the sessions, Alice Choi from OFFBEAT Inc. shares: "Live Planet shows the finest bands and performances in Korea. The bands just throw everything they have into [their] live performances, and the exciting scene is taken in high quality HD video and sounds. These [performances] are nothing like what people usually saw in previous television shows; it is not like the general process of recording where each instrument is separately recorded as they are played one at a time in an empty studio. All members of the session are present as the recording goes on so that the listeners may appreciate the true live performance by the bands.

While K-pop has been dominating the music charts for some years now, these Korean indie acts are gaining a lot of buzz across the indie, jam band and alternative rock scenes. Be sure to check each band out in these live studio performances now!

Mongoose - "Pink Piano Punk Star"

Galaxy Express - "Really Want You"

The Freaks - "Is It A Dream"

3rd Line Butterfly - "Seawall"

Seoul Electric Band - "Different Each Other"