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Jamie Kennedy is 'Blowin' Up'!

by Unknown // Monday, July 10, 2006 // News, News // 0 Comments

Jamie Kennedy
Click Here to be the first to hear hilarious tracks like 'Circle Circle Dot Dot' & 'Rollin With Sagat'. While your at it, be sure to check out the video for 'Rollin With Sagat' featuring the one & only Bob Sagat raising hell at the club. Buy the album here!

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Jamie Kennedy

Rollin With Sagat

JKss Records

Comedian Jamie Kennedy and his sidekick Stu Stone pick up wholesome Bob Saget(Danny Tanner from Full House) in their Hummer with 20 inch rims and cruise Hollywood looking for trouble. Pay attention to the cameos by John 'Uncle Jesse' Stamos as the man with a shaggy beard who tries to enter the club behind Saget and George Lucas who's standing at the bar with two hotties.