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Hot Chip Releases New Album Details

by Kristi Lee // Monday, October 22, 2007 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

Hot Chip
Hot Chip return with a new album Made In The Dark on February 5, 2008 on Astralwerks DFA Records . Made In The Dark is the amazing & ambidextrous follow up to the massively acclaimed, Mercury Music Prize nominated album The Warning, and was recorded and self-produced during the last six months from their home London studio base. Informed by two solid years of touring (many of the songs you may already know from their live shows) and charts their ever growing sonic ascendance into one of the world's most original and like/loveable bands.

Made In The Dark is the definitive Hot Chip record and could have been made by no other band. It would probably be easiest to say that Made In The Dark is faster and rockier than The Warning, but that is only beginning to scratch the surface. Within its 13 tracks there is both rhythmical chaos ("Shake A Fist", "Bendable Poseable"), soulful introspection ("We're Looking For A Lot Of Love", the title track "Made In The Dark", and "In The Privacy Of Our Love") and even contemporary widescreen pop ("Ready For The Floor", "One Pure Thought").The songs are propulsive, repetitive, rhythmical, methodical, wonky, intimate, beautiful and uniquely Hot Chip.

The album contains the mentalist Todd Rundgren sampling anthem "Shake A Fist" which has already caused a massive stir since it crept out on limited edition etched 12".

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