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Good Charlottes Frontman is Busy Busy

by Kristi Lee // Thursday, December 21, 2006 // News // 0 Comments

Good Charlottes, Joel Madden who has been busy collaborating with heavy rockers Avenged Sevenfold joined his ex Hilary Duff obtaining a joint restraining order against two photographers.


But Madden and Duff dropped all charges order this week after the photographers "apologized for any misunderstanding, his cooperation, and his assurances that he will not seek further contact with Ms. Duff, Mr. Madden, or any of their family members or representatives."

Hopefully, now Madden can prepare for Good Charlotte's fourth album "Good Morning Revival." The first single will be with long term friends. Which will be the bands first collaboration. The albums release date is set for March 20th 2007.