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GO Phish!

by Kristi Lee // Monday, February 5, 2007 // Kristi Lee's Dirrty Mouth // 0 Comments


The popular 90's band Phish disappeared over the past few years until hitting the headlines recently

Billboard has just announced Phish's keyboardist Page McConnell has just signed an agreement with Legacy Recordings to release his solo album in mid April.

This announcement has come in I guess you could say good timing...because I know last month when fellow exband mate and lead singer of Phish, Trey Anastiaso, was busted with drugs....I forgot this band existed.

Trey was pulled over in upstate New York and charged with 3rd degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, 7th degree criminal posse ion of controlled substances (ahemmm heroine) and driving under the influence of controlled substances.

A few weeks after the arrest it seems that either that Trey has some weird love for court, is an impatient man, or is still on drugs because he decided to show up to court unscheduled.

The judge obviously told Trey to come back for his scheduled appearance.

So McConnell I think you should thank your exbandmate for the free publicity and show your thanks be reminding Trey of his scheduled court date.