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EDITOR'S PICK '09: Ferrin's Top Live Performances of '09

by Unknown // Friday, December 18, 2009 // Blogs, Upfront, Live Shows, News // 0 Comments

Top 10 Live Performances of 2009
…That I Saw

me & phoenix

1.  Phoenix @ La Zona Rosa, 12.17.09 – This is most definitely “the show of the year” for me.  I just can’t stop gushing about and crushing on these talented and humble musicians that make up Phoenix, hailing from France.  I got to meet them before this show too, which was pretty cool.   

2.  The Disco Biscuits @ Crystal Bay Club, 4.4.09 – My favorite band playing my favorite venue in Tahoe (where I used to live for a couple ski seasons) that’s not only super intimate but is also a casino.  What’s not to like about that?  Oh yeah, and they encored with the song I was dying to hear that night.  Perfect.

3.  The Black Angels @ The Mohawk, 10.30.09 – I really can’t get enough of these local Austinites, and since no one else can either – evident from their constant national and international touring – I don’t get to see them all that much, unfortunately.  But this show was a blast.  If drony, psychedelic rock peaks your interest, check ‘em out!

4.  Ghostland Observatory @ ACL Music Festival, 10.3.09 – Having been in Austin for two solid years now, I somehow did not see Ghostland until ACL ’09.  After nearly a full day of rain, the gloom lifted right before this show.  The energy was just flat-out amazing, as was the light show.

5.  Nico Vega @ Emo’s, 5.13.09 – Aja Volkman has the most commanding stage presence of any female I’ve ever seen perform.  Explosive live performance, soulful vocals…just can’t get enough of her.

6.  The Disco Biscuits @ Stubb’s, 9.19.09 – My interview with the band that began in a port-a-pottie and ended right after the show is probably what made this night so special…and bizarre.  Of course, the fact that they killed it doesn’t hurt either.

7.  K’naan @ ACL Music Festival, 10.2.09 – I was surprised by several ACL performers, but this was the surprise highlight of ACL for me.  Having been completely unfamiliar with K’naan, I had the luck to happen upon this show and found his lyrics to be powerful and his background awe-inspiring.

8.  Lotus @ Ace’s Lounge (post ACL), 10.3.09 – This show was after my favorite day of ACL, which also happened to be the rainy one, and I definitely dried out at this show and then immediately worked up a sweat from all the dancing.  They had to shut down early (at about 3:15am versus 4), but the band did some crowd-surfing, and I scored the setlist.

9.  SOJA @ Flamingo Cantina, 10.14.09 – Another surprise here.  I really had no idea who these kids were but was feeling up for a Wednesday night reggae show at one of the chilliest venues in Austin.  Good thing because it was irie, mon.

10.  Eyedea & Abilities @ Habana, SXSW, 3.19.09 – Two white dudes from Minnesota aren’t what come to my mind when I think of hip-hop, at least until I saw these guys.  Think slam poetry combined with some sick nasty beats, and you get Eyedea & Abilities.      

I’ve got 6 videos in my Top 10 playlist since the bands I typically like don’t really do the whole music video thing:

Ferrin's List


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