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Cypress Hill @ Waterloo Records - 4.8.10

by Unknown // Monday, April 12, 2010 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

cypress hill
toby w/ cypress hill

At Waterloo Records last Thursday, 101X's Toby Ryan and were lucky enough to spend some time with B-Real and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill.  And, first, let me just say that these old school dudes were super chill and enjoyable to be around.  In fact, as Toby was finishing up the interview, he pulled out a crisp $100 bill and let the guys loose (ok, not so loose with two cameras and a boom trailing them, but you know what I mean!) in the store - not your typical afternoon with critically acclaimed hip-hop stars. 

Cypress Hill's new album, Rise Up, drops on 4/20, which is most definitely not a coincidence considering the first couple records B-Real picked out were weed-related (maybe Peter Tosh's Legalize It?  I know...I should've paid more attention, but I was trying to maneuver the boom in super narrow aisles with two cameras shooting - all the while trying to stay OFF camera!).  The two probably walked around Waterloo for a good thirty minutes, first in the vinyl section and then onto the discs.  And though B-Real was definitely more of a talker, Sen found some gems in the store, several of which he elaborated on and seemed drawn to because of the album's artwork ("I mean, look at this!").  They both touched on a broad spectrum of music - from hip-hop icons and soulful R&B legends to Motorhead (apparently they hang out in the same bar as Lemmy in L.A.), Rage Against The Machine and tons more. 

The interview and record-shopping footage will be up soon on Roxwel.  Also, check out Cypress Hill tour dates - they're hitting the road on 4/20!