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by Unknown // Monday, July 24, 2006 // News, News, News // 0 Comments

Kristi Lee

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Cobra Starship - Array][title]

Cobra Starship

Snakes On A Plane (Bring It)

New Line Records
Lex Halaby

Cobra Starship � the new band helmed by Midtown singer Gabe Saportaand featuring members of The Academy Is�, Gym Class Heroes, and The Sounds is taking flight with the summer�s most talked-about flick. This track will be included on the soundtrack to the much-hyped movie that stars Samuel L. Jackson waging a war against... snakes on a plane, of course. Jackson makes a cameo in the video as does the singer from the rock band Fall Out Boy.


Ashlee Simpson - Array][title]

Ashlee Simpson



Ashlee is playing the role of the underappreciated underdog in a boxing match.


Breaking Benjamin - Array][title]

Breaking Benjamin

Diary of Jane

Hollywood Records
Ryan Smith

Breaking Benjamin try to find their place in the diary of Jane, a ghost haunting an abandoned mansion in which the band performs.


Stone Sour - Array][title]

Stone Sour

Through Glass

Roadrunner Records Inc.
Tony Petrossian

Corey Taylor (Slipknot) displays a sensitive side in this video from Stone Sour's sophomore album 'Come What(ever) May'. The video illustrates the shallow and fleeting nature of 'Hollowood'.


Def Leppard - Array][title]

Def Leppard

Rock On


Def Leppard take a shot at the 1989 classic anthem originally recorded my David Essex. Def Leppard show no signs of slowing down, despite the fact that they've been playing for almost 30 years.


Boy Kill Boy - Array][title]

Boy Kill Boy



New on the rock scene, Boy Kill Boy have already been included in the Reading, Leeds, and NME New Music Tour. This video uses the same sketch animation used in the classic A-ha video 'Take On Me'.