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by Kristi Lee // Friday, July 18, 2008 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

indie, home of ONE band a day™ and music filter for some of the world's best independent bands, is stoked to team up with Roxwel to bring you indieSolo's Top 3 Must Hear Bands!

Every two weeks, indieSolo will feature 3 of their top independent artists that took the spotlight, stood out, and created a buzz in their music community! These artists deliver a unique energy of sound coupled with some of the catchiest melodies and hooks on the planet! Discover for yourself.

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Genre: Metal, Rock
Hometown: Kitchener, Canada
Famous For: Opened for Finger 11
Must Hear Song: The Moment

Genre: Metalcore, Hardcore
Hometown: Erie, United States
Famous For: Official Band of Freedom Fight 2008
Must Hear Song: Champion

Genre: Rock
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Famous For: Stage Energy and Live Show
Must Hear Song: Sinners and Saints