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Roxwel, is proud to present the Summer Southern Burn Tour featuring ZOROASTER, BLACK TUSK, AND DARK CASTLE!

We're stoked to be a part of such a totally face-melting tour; these three bands are ridiculously good live.  See above for dates/locations.

We will be giving away tickets and merch here on Roxwel very shortly - til then, check out Zoroaster's latest video for "White Dwarf" below.


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Tea Leaf Green - Exclusive Interview & Live Performance
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San Francisco's Tea Leaf Green made a March 12, 2010 tour stop in Austin to play the inside stage at Stubb's, and the four members - Josh Clark, Scott Rager, Trevor Garrod and Reed Mathis - kicked it with Roxwel before the show for an interview...if you can call it that.  Honestly, if it weren't for the mics in their hands, you would think we were just flies on the wall of a reality show (a hilarious one at that) where the most/best impromptu singing, dancing and jesting wins the band stage time that night. 

And, well, these guys won, killing it at Stubb's for a packed house.  What's more is that Roxwel filmed the first six songs of the show: "Reservoir," "Germinatin' Seed," "One Reason," "My Bastard Brother," "Cottonwood Tree," and "This Is Real." 

Check out the interview and live performance and watch these mayhemists, who referred to themselves as "blind chimpanzees that are just lead on a rock 'n' roll chain gang from town to town," in action.   

Hopefully they're hitting a town near you, but if not, don't fret because Mathis said, "I heard there was a really good tour like five years from now that you guys are not going to want to miss." 

So be sure to mark your calendars for that and also be looking for three new albums - the LP Looking West, an EP close on its heels and a double album - all due out this year from a band that describes its musical style as "one part folk, two parts jazz, three parts mayhem...and nine parts farming."  No, really, they're harvesting okra on stage.


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Phoenix - Live at Stubb's
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France's Grammy-winning indie pop/rock phenoms Phoenix put on a stellar show at Stubb's in Austin, TX, and Roxwel shot the first three songs from their 4/29/10 set: "Lisztomania," "Long Distance Call," and "Lasso."  Selling out in a matter of minutes, the show was quite the spectacle - from the lighting and visual effects to the band's sheer talent, overall stage presence and the crowd's energy vibing on all that.  Something was definitely in the air that night...see it for yourself!