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by Unknown // Monday, February 18, 2008 // Reviews, Albums // 0 Comments

Matt King - Rube

Matt King takes the stage on his 4th full-length album as a spokesman for the working-class with a true passion and purpose led by his weighty and unflinching guitar work. With a disarming and powerful voice that seems to merely outline the melodies presented by his own bluegrass and folk-informed arrangements, King has no difficulty aligning himself as the all-American workingman with problems not unlike the average man's.
Whether reaching into the heart of modern issues plaguing folks such as drug abuse ("Hell's Kitchen") or wrestling with tried and true troubles such as low working wages ("American Dream"), King recounts these tales with conviction and gravity. Hot on the trail of his past as a circus enthusiast and guitar-slinger, King has reached an intersection where timeless melodies and modern production lend him a distinct voice that stands alone amongst his contemporaries.

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by Unknown // Monday, February 18, 2008 // Reviews, Albums // 0 Comments

Charlotte Martin - Reproductions
American songstress and ex-beauty queen Charlotte Martin follows up 2006's Stromata with a collection of cover songs spanning all genres including electronica (Massive Attack's "Angel"), grunge (Pearl Jam's "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town"), and modern indie rock (Interpol's "Obstacle 1"). An interesting exercise in indulgence recently popularized by the likes of Cat Power, an album of covers serves primarily to showcase Martin's dramatic vocal presence while providing a convenient template to expand upon her recently embraced electronic programming skills.
With primarily faithful interpretations and only a few minor missteps, Reproductions solidifies Martin's vocal melodrama as the main attraction in her ever-evolving career path.