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Korea's Yellow Monsters rock out at a SXSW 2012 preview show.Korea's Crying Nut perform at SXSW 2012 preview show, Austin TX USASeoulsonic North American Tour 2012


The Hallyu, aka The Korean Wave, is a term used to describe Korean culture spreading around the world.  I was excited to learn about the Korean bands performing at SXSW 2012, and get the opportunity to catch the wave firsthand.  

3rd Line Butterfly, Yellow Monsters, and Crying Nut performed a preview show at the Music Madness afternoon showcase.  These bands are part of the Seoulsonic North American tour.  I was able to catch the performances of Yellow Monsters and Crying Nut.

Yellow Monsters is a three piece punk band.  They give an energetic, high energy performance.  I loved how they give their heart, soul, and all their persperation into the performance.

Crying Nut is an estabilised and successful punk band in Korea.  They have sold hundreds of thousands of records as an indie band. The unique feature of this band is the accordian.  YES, a punk band with an accordian player.  They performed an entertaining set and have a great interaction with the audience.

Another band from Korea, Galaxy Express is also performing at SXSW.

I'm looking forward to the official SXSW Seoulsonic showcase, Friday March 16 at the Soho Lounge.

Seoulsonic North American Tour 2012


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1) Broken Bells - The High Road

2) Lucero - Nights Like These" (Live)

3) Dead Confederate - Giving It All Away

4) Slash f. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous

5) Futurebirds - "Dirty D" (Live)

6) Coheed & Cambria - "Here We Are Juggernaut" (Live)

7) The Whigs - "Black Lotus" (Live)

8) Widespread Panic - "Mr. Soul" (Live at Fox Theater)

9) Crash Kings - "You Got Me"

10) Deer Tick - "Easy" (Live)


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Pick-Axe Bobby's Top 25-ish Albums of the Decade

So it seems de rigueur for anyone working with music, who likes music, or has ever heard music to compile their favorite albums in a list-like fashion, and I’m not one to fuck with “de rigueur”, so I give you mine. Don’t worry, none of your favorites are in it. List after the jump.


26) Reaped In Half (Acts I & II) Boulder - Reaped In Half (Acts I & II) (2002)

Cleveland death metal meets Van Halen with epic dual white Flying-Vs soloing all over the place. Key Track: “Ripe And Innocent”

25) Death Is This Communion High On Fire - Death Is This Communion (2007)

Matt Pike and crew’s finest work as High On Fire, IMO. Big, doomy vibe with a lot of power still behind it. Key Track: “Turk”

24) Live In: Nerd Rage Brian Posehn - Live In: Nerd Rage (2006)

It was really hard for me to not fill this list with comedy albums, as there were so many fucking hilarious albums out, but Posehn’s is the one I can listen to over and over. He’s metal, he’s a nerd, and that awkward nerd delivery kills me every time. Key Track: “Yelling Stuff”

23) First Blush Tricky Woo - First Blush (2005)

My favorite Canadian band - half MC5, half Van Halen, half Thin Lizzy (that’s right THREE halves) - released this big, straight-ahead rock record with 80s-metal style, but without being tongue-in-cheek or totally cheeseball. This album stayed in my stereo for a LONG time. Key Track: “Lover Don’t You Lie”

22) Rated R Queens of the Stone Age - Rated R (2000)

Before Songs For The Deaf catapulted this band into the ridiculousphere, Rated R just blew me away, from the weird time signature in the intro of “Feel Good Hit of the Summer” to the inclusion of my favorite vocalist, Mark Lanegan, on “In The Fade”. Key Track: “Monsters in the Parasol”

21) Songs From The Edge Of The Wing 27 - Songs From The Edge Of the Wing (2000)

Just a beautiful, haunting, minimalist collection from the middle of the Boston hardcore scene. Like a less overdramatic Portishead. Picked up by Relapse, presumably because Matt Jacobsen just liked it, I was lucky to have stumbled into this dark gem. Key Track: “Warm Hands, Cold Heart”

20) Blue Record Baroness - Blue Album (2009)

Whoh. Technical, heavy, smart, and alternatingly beautiful and brutal, this album just slays me. Key Track: “A Horse Called Golgotha”

19) Obtainium Skeleton Key - Obtainium (2002)

Shame on you if you haven’t heard Skeleton Key. Eric Sanko and his rotating cast of bandmates and junk percussion players make some really accessible, yet very experimental rock songs. Key Tracks: “Kerosene” or “Panic Bullets”

18) Probot Probot - Probot (2004)

God, so many mega-band projects are a total piece of shit. That’s why this is so so good. That Grohl could convince these classic metal heroes to join him is a ridiculous feat. That he could single-handedly write tailored songs for each collaborator and have them turn out perfect is hard to believe. Some people complain that the songs aren’t technical enough; those people are dorks who apparently aren’t very well-versed in the classic metal structures that the guests on this album themselves created. Key Tracks: “Shake Your Blood (f. Lemmy)” and “Ice Cold Man (f. Lee Dorrian)”

17) King of the Road Fu Manchu - King of the Road (2000)

Okay, I admit, I was WAY into “stoner rock” (though wasn’t a stoner myself) early this decade, but god dammit, Fu Manchu wrote some really killer, catchy riffs. It’s big, dumb rock and roll about vans and the beach and movies and shit, and it’s AWESOME. Key Track: “King Of The Road”

16) Popsicle Diamond Nights - Popsicle (2005)

These guys are all over the map. By “the map”, I mean basically the musical trajectory of Thin Lizzy. And that is by no means a bad thing. There are some really really great songs on this record. Key Track: “Dirty Thief”

15) LPC 4 Longmont Potion Castle - Vol. 4 (2001)

What can I say about LPC? The best prank phone caller of all time. He takes prank calling to a fucking art form. It’s totally nonsensical, bizarre, and hilarious. That he can make people so irate by asking if Dudley is there is fascinating, and unlike those retards The Jerky Boys, there is no punchline. Key Tracks: “Nash”, “Chess”, “Bruschotti”, “Y2K”

14) Mantrapping For Sport And Profit Scissorfight - Mantrapping for Sport and Profit (2001)

Mantrapping is a big, mean, tuned-down Sasquatch of an album by four New Hampshire woodsmen. The singer, Ironlung (!), sounds like he gargles lava for fun and would snap your neck with one hand. I like that in a band. His vox and the big, groovy, heavy riffs make this album feel like a bar fight. Key Tracks: “New Hampshire’s Alright If You Like Fighting”, “Go Cave”, “Blizzards, Buzzards, Bastards”

13) Wrestlin With My Lady Friend Suplecs - Wrestlin’ With My Lady Friend (2000)

Good Lord, I listened to this album a LOT. Super bluesy, raw, New Orleans rock. So good, even after the thousands of listens. Key Tracks: “Dope Fu”, “Eastwood”, “Pissin’ In The Wind”

12) Bronx II The Bronx - II (2006)

I really overlooked this band the first times I saw them. I don’t know why; their live show was fucking great, and the songs were solid. In any case, Bronx II is just gold. It’s one of those total late-night fuck-shit-up rage albums. God that scream after the chorus in “Shitty Future” is just blood-curdling. The kind of rock n’ roll that will get you into trouble. Key Tracks: “Shitty Future”, “History’s Stranglers”, “White Guilt”

11) Transmitter Spiraling - Transmitter (2002)

New Jersey’s Spiraling is one of those bands that should be enormously popular, but for reasons I don’t understand, they are not. Transmitter is full of sickeningly catchy melodies, and smart poignant lyrics, delivered in an unabashedly direct, emotional voice. Then there’s the synth from the hands of singer Tom Brislin (who fills in for fucking Rick Wakeman when Yes tours now!) which fills out these pop songs with a thick buzz of circuits and prog-pop hooks. Key Tracks: “This Is The Road”, “(Get Your Own) Holy Grail”, “The Connection”

10) Nude WIth Boots Melvins - Nude With Boots (2008)

So, The Melvins are my favorite band of all time. They did two records with Big Business. This is the second. I’m not going to try to describe what they sound like. GO FUCKING BUY IT. Key Tracks: “The Kicking Machine”, “Nude With Boots”, “The Smiling Cobra”

9) Hold Your Horse Is Hella - Hold Your Horse Is (2002)

Holy fuck, this band makes my head explode. Insane drumming. Insane guitar work. Super complicated and unrelenting, yet there’s an underlying melodic structure to the songs. It’s like the opposite of doom metal. Key Tracks: “Biblical Violence”, “Been A Long Time Cousin”, “1-800-Ghost-Dance”

8) I Get Wet Andrew WK - I Get Wet (2001)

Call me or this album what you want, but I Get Wet is a non-stop rock n’ roll party assault, and god dammit, if you hate this, then you hate fun, and you should just jump off a cliff, because humanity doesn’t need you anymore. Key Tracks: “Party Hard”, “She Is Beautiful”, “I Get Wet”

7) Meanderthal Torche - Meanderthal (2008)

I always liked Floor and Cavity, the two bands which eventually spawned Torche, but this album is just a huge leap above. Epic guitars, fuzzed out, tuned down, playing big hooky space-y riffs. There’s a complexity to it all that’s really understated and multi-leveled and beautiful. Key Tracks: “Healer”, “Grenades”, “Fat Waves”

6) Blast Tyrant Clutch - Blast Tyrant (2004)

Clutch is one of those bands, that even as they change, I can still get on board. Not that this album is some major departure from their norm, it’s just their best album since their S/T, 10 years prior. Every songs is solid, and there’s no fucking around. My favorite Clutch album ever, I believe. Key Tracks: “Promoter (Of Earthbound Causes)”, “Profits Of Doom”, “(Notes From The Trial Of) La Curandera”

5) Batten The Hatches Jenny Owen Youngs - Batten The Hatches (2007)

Batten The Hatches sucked me in with a waltz. A waltz with the word “Fuck” in the title. I suspected the rest of the album to be just as quaint and light. But upon hearing the rest of the album, I was torn up. A girl with a guitar just tore me up with deeply personal, sultry, angry songs that I just couldn’t stop listening to. I was addicted to this album. I really don’t own any other albums like this, and I doubt I will; because though her subject matter is not totally unique, the songs are so revealing and emotional, her delivery and her voice is so different and compelling and pained, I just can’t imagine another female singer-songwriter (or Black Metal band) affecting me like this does. Key Tracks: “From Here”, “Drinking Song”, “Bricks”

4) Head For The Shallow Big Business - Head For The Shallow (2006)

Thanks is in order to Johnny Sarkis for dragging me to a Sound On Sound in-store to see Big Business in 2005, a full year before their debut album was released. That show was enormous, loud, and left the dozen of us watching it totally shell-shocked, and me wondering what the hell this album would sound like. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the relentless overdriven bass, screaming vocals, and razor-sharp drumming that Head For The Shallow delivered. It’s like a horde of battle elephants charging you and you can either start running or close your eyes and prepare for your doom. (And yes, John, I know.) Key Tracks: “O.G.”, “Focus Pocus”, “Off Off Broadway”

3) At Dawn My Morning Jacket - At Dawn (2001)

Back when MMJ was still five Kentucky boys singing esoteric folky songs about killing garbage men and shit, I was totally immersed in this album. It evoked something in me, like a nostalgia for something I couldn’t put my finger on. It reminds me of my dad. It’s inexorably tied to a low moment in my life where it just fit. Jim James’s voice is so haunting and made for this soundtrack of many days in my life. Really, it’s just a pretty album with awesome songs. Key Tracks: “At Dawn”, “Bermuda Highway”, “Phone Went West”, “Just Because I Do”

2) Leviathan Mastodon - Leviathan (2004)

I don’t feel the need to get into how awesome this album is. It’s been described, analyzed, and praised by more eloquent people than me. Suffice it to say, this album is genius, it’s brutal, it’s smart, and I’ll probably be listening to it 30 years from now. Key Tracks: “Blood And Thunder”, “Iron Tusk”, “Aqua Dementia”

1) Jupiter Cave In - Jupiter (2000)

It’s tough to describe why this album is so important to me. I started listening to Cave In right when I was really getting into heavy, technical music, and in 1999, I went to see Cave In at Emo’s and what I heard was very very different than what I was expecting, based on their previous work. This spacey, melodic swell of music enveloped me and I felt like I instantly grew as a music listener. This band had grown (or mutated) beyond the one-dimensional hardcore band they once were, and I was taken aback. And impressed. And I wanted to make music. And I’m rambling… I listened to this album a million times when it came out shortly after that show. And it’s held up for ten long years. No key tracks. The whole damn album is key.

-Pick-Axe Bobby
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Matt King - Rube

Matt King takes the stage on his 4th full-length album as a spokesman for the working-class with a true passion and purpose led by his weighty and unflinching guitar work. With a disarming and powerful voice that seems to merely outline the melodies presented by his own bluegrass and folk-informed arrangements, King has no difficulty aligning himself as the all-American workingman with problems not unlike the average man's.
Whether reaching into the heart of modern issues plaguing folks such as drug abuse ("Hell's Kitchen") or wrestling with tried and true troubles such as low working wages ("American Dream"), King recounts these tales with conviction and gravity. Hot on the trail of his past as a circus enthusiast and guitar-slinger, King has reached an intersection where timeless melodies and modern production lend him a distinct voice that stands alone amongst his contemporaries.

Purchase Rube