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by Kristi Lee // Monday, October 27, 2008 // News, Upfront, Artist Commentary // 0 Comments

Everlast sits down with Roxwel before a show and tells us about his journey of making music and going from a major to indie label. Everlast describes his single [sg]KillThe Emporer[/sg] as a description of " love and war." His whole album Ghost of Whitey Ford has a different sound than his last projects. However he states "they all have the same spirit." Making this album was was different then making others for Everlast. He has started his own record label and feels he can get things done quicker than going the many steps of dealing with people in the major label world. Listen to Everlast explain the transition of his career and making music for Ghost of Whitey Ford.


by Kristi Lee // Monday, October 20, 2008 // News, Upfront, Artist Commentary // 0 Comments

The hip-hop duo group from Chicago and Detroit sit down with Rowel to talk about past, present, and future for The 0Cool Kids. Mikey Rocks and Chucky Inglish talk about how they met through a mutual friend and how they make music in their free time. "When were killing time were making music" says Chuck. [sng]Black Mags[/sng] was the duo's first big single and they state "we new we wanted to make a video for it". Watch the interview for the details to hear what the guys put into making the Black Mags video!

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