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1) Broken Bells - The High Road

2) Lucero - Nights Like These" (Live)

3) Dead Confederate - Giving It All Away

4) Slash f. Fergie - Beautiful Dangerous

5) Futurebirds - "Dirty D" (Live)

6) Coheed & Cambria - "Here We Are Juggernaut" (Live)

7) The Whigs - "Black Lotus" (Live)

8) Widespread Panic - "Mr. Soul" (Live at Fox Theater)

9) Crash Kings - "You Got Me"

10) Deer Tick - "Easy" (Live)


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1. Muse - UnCut
Okay, hands down my only semi freak out moment that I have ever had was when we did this interview.  It was just me and Toby, I believe we were the only ones from the media tent that got granted this interview.  I almost didn't want to go because I didn't want to meet one of my favorite bands and be disappointed (it's happened before). I'm glad I went.  Dom and Matt were so welcoming and gave a wonderful interview.  Swoon.

2. OK Go - Live Performance
One of the most exciting shows we shot in 2010. OK Go sure knows how to put on a show!  With cams attached to their mics, witty/charming banter in between, and a confetti machine to boot. Also enjoy our new Austin resident "rock poet" Thax Douglas kicking the show off with a poem for OK Go. 

3. Deftones - UnCut
Oh my my my, how I forgot how much I LOVED the Deftones!  I grew up with the Deftones, but my music taste has changed since then.  Little did I know, I still hold a special place in my heart for the Deftones.  The energy of this show is insane!
If they come through, you HAVE to see this show live!

4. Mumford & Sons - Live Performance
You ever come across a band that is so good that you almost hate them a little for being that good?  This one is it for me.  What a beautiful show they put on.  We filmed our alotted three songs, packed the gear up as quick as we could, grabbed a few beers, danced, and sang til our hearts were content.  Thanks for that one Mumford & Sons.  You made my soul sing that night. 

5. Coheed & Cambria - UnCut
And the nicest guy in rock n roll award goes to Claudio!  We've interviewed him a couple of times and this guy gets it.  He is the nicest guy on the planet and let's it be known how much he values his fans, but not in an obvious way, it's just so subtle which is the beauty of it.  And he's shy.  I wasn't particularly a fan of the music until this show.  Incredible live show, incredible music.  Another show to catch live, even if you aren't a fan of the band.  You will be after you experience the energy in the air.

6. Motorhead - Overdose
Lemmy, how I heart thee.  During SXSW 2010, we had the opportunity of a lifetime.  We got to interview Lemmy.  I got to see Bobby and Chuck turn into girls in .2 seconds upon entering Lemmy's hotel room.  We ended up hanging out with him for an hour, watching him sing along to his new solo album while he was watching a cop chase reality show on tv. 100% SURREAL!!!! It turned out to be an all around office favorite.  Lemmy gave us some great one liners in this piece and he was a perfect gentleman, I even got a kiss on the hand before we left.

7. Roxwel roxWHEEL - ACL 2010
"Why didn't we think of this FOUR YEARS AGO!" So what happens when you get tired of conducting the same boring interviews during festival season? You get together with your work buddies for beers at the local pub the night before the festival and come up with random questions/challenges to put on the wheel your girlfriend and her roommate sawed a few hours later. BAM! And that's how Roxwel's roxWHEEL came about the night before ACL 2010 kicked off. We had so much fun (aside from our allergies) and our host Bobby Nall KILLED it!  We all still laugh out loud watching this one back.

8. Phoenix - Live Performance
Another office favorite.  Phoenix has always put on a great show, whether it's an acoustic show for 10 lucky radio winners, or they sell out our favorite venue to shoot at, Stubb's.  The put on a killer light show. The guys are all very nice as well, you gotta love it when the whole band is nice and grateful for their fans.  Oh, and they have sexy french accents.  (Another) Swoon.

9. Cypress Hill - UnCut
--"Hits from the bong y'all; Gonna get high;
Hits from the bong; Gonna get high;
Hits from the bong; Gonna get high;--
I MEAN C'MON!  We got to follow around Sen Dog and B-Real while they shopped for vinyl at our favorite record store, Waterloo Records. What a treat this day was, most of us grew up on Cypress Hill and to be able to talk to them about music and personally find out how many albums they could find that had a marijuana tie-in?  Priceless.

10. Jenny Owen Youngs - Live Performance
Jenny Owen Youngs played our day party during SXSW 2010 and I immediately fell in love.  Not only with her music but her as well, she's my kind of girl.  There are more than a couple of songs in that set that just do it for me, and tug on the heart strings a little.  Thanks for the laughs, and the tears Jenny.  I will cherish the moment we never had, always.

2010, it's been great but you can eat it! Here's to 2011! May it bring us new music to wrap our heads around, old music to feed our souls, and a ton of live shows to get piss drunk to and sing til our hearts are content and our feet are swollen.

Nadia M.

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Top 10 Live Performances of 2009
…That I Saw

me & phoenix

1.  Phoenix @ La Zona Rosa, 12.17.09 – This is most definitely “the show of the year” for me.  I just can’t stop gushing about and crushing on these talented and humble musicians that make up Phoenix, hailing from France.  I got to meet them before this show too, which was pretty cool.   

2.  The Disco Biscuits @ Crystal Bay Club, 4.4.09 – My favorite band playing my favorite venue in Tahoe (where I used to live for a couple ski seasons) that’s not only super intimate but is also a casino.  What’s not to like about that?  Oh yeah, and they encored with the song I was dying to hear that night.  Perfect.

3.  The Black Angels @ The Mohawk, 10.30.09 – I really can’t get enough of these local Austinites, and since no one else can either – evident from their constant national and international touring – I don’t get to see them all that much, unfortunately.  But this show was a blast.  If drony, psychedelic rock peaks your interest, check ‘em out!

4.  Ghostland Observatory @ ACL Music Festival, 10.3.09 – Having been in Austin for two solid years now, I somehow did not see Ghostland until ACL ’09.  After nearly a full day of rain, the gloom lifted right before this show.  The energy was just flat-out amazing, as was the light show.

5.  Nico Vega @ Emo’s, 5.13.09 – Aja Volkman has the most commanding stage presence of any female I’ve ever seen perform.  Explosive live performance, soulful vocals…just can’t get enough of her.

6.  The Disco Biscuits @ Stubb’s, 9.19.09 – My interview with the band that began in a port-a-pottie and ended right after the show is probably what made this night so special…and bizarre.  Of course, the fact that they killed it doesn’t hurt either.

7.  K’naan @ ACL Music Festival, 10.2.09 – I was surprised by several ACL performers, but this was the surprise highlight of ACL for me.  Having been completely unfamiliar with K’naan, I had the luck to happen upon this show and found his lyrics to be powerful and his background awe-inspiring.

8.  Lotus @ Ace’s Lounge (post ACL), 10.3.09 – This show was after my favorite day of ACL, which also happened to be the rainy one, and I definitely dried out at this show and then immediately worked up a sweat from all the dancing.  They had to shut down early (at about 3:15am versus 4), but the band did some crowd-surfing, and I scored the setlist.

9.  SOJA @ Flamingo Cantina, 10.14.09 – Another surprise here.  I really had no idea who these kids were but was feeling up for a Wednesday night reggae show at one of the chilliest venues in Austin.  Good thing because it was irie, mon.

10.  Eyedea & Abilities @ Habana, SXSW, 3.19.09 – Two white dudes from Minnesota aren’t what come to my mind when I think of hip-hop, at least until I saw these guys.  Think slam poetry combined with some sick nasty beats, and you get Eyedea & Abilities.      

I’ve got 6 videos in my Top 10 playlist since the bands I typically like don’t really do the whole music video thing:

Ferrin's List


-Ferrin Schriner

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Ahh this is funny...ooooooo how far Boy George has come since his community service served cleaning the streets of New York last year...yea no not really. So Boy George was charged last week of falsely imprisoning a 28 year old male escort. Yes I will repeat that for you a falsely imprisoning a 28 year old male ESCORT! Supposedly Boy George chained the male escort against a wall in his east London home. You kinky bastard Boy George has been released on bail and will appear infront of the court November 22nd. You can guarantee I will be keeping you updated on this one.

Kristi Lee's Dirrty Mouth - Boy George is BUSTED!
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