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Behind the scenes of Kristi Lee's Street Countdown

by nadia // Monday, December 11, 2006 // News // 0 Comments

Okay, where to begin with this one? Nadia here, hi! Nads We took this countdown out of the green screen and into the streets of Austin, Texas. This was our first time doing this and more than likely our last! ha ha ha ha ha, just I'm not! WOW!!!! It's a tough thing, shooting downtown 6th street. I've done it before with another project 3 years ago, and it wasn't so bad. I think the main reason was that I had a male host for that one, and between the both of us, we had a huge entourage of people. Rather huge/intimidating people, might I add. This time around was CRAZY! People see a camera, light, and hostess, and next thing you know, they think it's girls gone wild or better yet, boys gone nuts!

We actually started out with a lighter air, off of 6th street, at a bar called Canvas on E. 5th (blocks and blocks away from 6th). It was dead there, which was great. It gave us a chance to "test the waters" so to speak. This countdown we decided to add people to it and got their ideas of certain aspects of whatever the hell we were talking about. That was interesting. ESPECIALLY because they were, for the most part, DRUNK and/or employees of Roxwel! ha ha ha ha. Fun times! Can you pick the employees out? There was a part with this guy who made up a song for "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance with his beat up bucket and mallot of some sort, but ummm, he heard us wrong and made a song for the "block" parade... whatever the hell that is. Definately interesting, oh, and we had to pay him a buck. That's all we had. Who carries cash around now-a-days?

Okay, on towards 6th street. (That march was basically our black parade!). The people were more belligerent the closer we got to 6th. Amazing how that works! Well, unfortunately, the more drunk they got, the more hell I (the camera operator) had to deal with! You had people screaming things from across the street (I believe "I wanna be in Ho TV" was one of them). People sticking hands in the camera's view. People hanging around just to see (which is understandable). The worst part of it, I think, came at the end. The last part of the interviews. These guys were sooooo drunk, they were being extremely obscene with Kristi. By the way, I learned a new word from one of them. Took me a day to figure out what "motor boating" was. (I'm not linking to that one by the way, you'll have to ask someone yourself! ha!) Umm, yeah, I cut that part of the countdown out. Booo and hiss all you want, I couldn't help it! It was disgusting, and I'm a pretty open girl! R to the ETARDED is what they were.

We also had trouble filming someone outside of Coyote Ugly. We were told we couldn't film anything that had the "Coyote Ugly" logo or bar. Okay. Well, didn't realize it at the time but one of the guy's we interviewed was the doorman for Coyote Ugly and you guessed it, he had on a Coyote Ugly SHIRT! ha ha ha ha. Fun Times. All in all, it wasn't so bad, just painful. We capped off the night with a few drinks at another bar. We laughed, we cried, then I edited, and that's my behind the scenes look at the Kristi Lee Street Countdown. Have a look at the final product, if you haven't already.

Ciao for now,

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