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Audioslave Call it Quits!

by Kristi Lee // Tuesday, February 27, 2007 // Kristi Lee's Dirrty Mouth, Blogs // 0 Comments


Out with the old in with the new..wait or out with the new in with the old...yea all the damn reforming and breaking up of bands is starting to confuse us all!

Audioslave is done least for now

Lead singer of the band Chris Connell announced he will be leaving Audioslave "Due to irresolvable personality conflicts as well as musical differences"

Ok translation time...

Considering Audioslave's guitarist, bassist, and drummer are from Rage Against the Machine which as we have already gone over is reforming at Coachella..that doesn't leave much of Audioslave.

So Chris can call it what ever he wants to call it...but he got f&*^*

Too bad for him..but I have no complaints on Rage making a comeback..and since we know the guys aren't going back to Audioslave we should assume of some sort of future after Coachella for Rage.

But then with all these comebacks going on I'm putting dibs on the 2012 reformation of Audioslave..cause really who the hell knows anymore.