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Frontman Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon

Caleb Followill and Lily Aldridge "can't wait" to meet their first child.L

The Kings of Leon rocker and his supermodel wife - who tied the knot in May after dating for more than two years - confirmed they are "thrilled" to be welcoming a new addition into their family.

Speaking in a statement, the couple said: "We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child together. We can't wait to meet the new addition to our family."

Meanwhile, Caleb's brother and Kings of Leon bandmate Jared Followill has expressed his delight at hearing he is to become an uncle.

Writing on his twitter page, he said: "So excited to be an uncle! Congrats Caleb & Lily! If it's a boy, we gonna be hitting da club together every night! If it's a (sic)"

After Caleb and Lily tied the knot earlier this year, the 'Someone Like You' hitmaker admitted he was eager to start a family with the 26-year-old beauty.

He said: "I can't wait to raise a family with her because she's a great woman."

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Van Halen are going back on tour with original vocalist David Lee Roth.

The 'Jump' rockers posted a video on their official website on Monday which shows guitarist Eddie Van Halen, brother Alex and son Wolfgang performing, with David running about the stage.

A banner underneath reads: "Van Halen on tour 2012. First tickets available January 10."

A separate posting on the Van Halen News Desk website said the video was shot at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles while the band performed a "brand new" song.

Excited by the news, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea tweeted: "alright van halen doing a tour with david lee roth..yeeeeah mutha****as (sic)."

Van Halen have had a tempestuous relationship with David, who originally left in a bitter split in 1985. He rejoined for a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1996, but soon left again, although he eventually rejoined for a full tour in 2007.

The band confirmed in January they have been working on a new album, their first since 'Van Halen III' in 1998 and their first with David since '1984', released on December 31 1983.

While David is back in the band, it is not a full reunion, as bassist Michael Anthony has been replaced by Wolfgang.

Van Halen were one of the most successful rock bands in the world in the early 80s, with hits including 'Eruption' and 'Aint' Talkin' 'Bout Love.'

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Axl Rose fought with Slash from the first day Guns N' Roses formed.

A huge question mark hands over whether the vocalist and guitarist of the legendary 'Paradise City' rockers will put their differences aside to accept the band's induction to the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame in April next year, and while they haven't spoken since Slash left the band in 1996, Axl insists their disagreements go back much further.

He told the LA Times newspaper: "It was really a fight with me and Slash. [Second guitarist] Izzy was doing the same thing, but the fight with me and Slash started the day I met him.

"He came in, popped my tape out and put his in and wanted me in his band. And I didn't want to join his band. We've had that war since Day One."

Axl, 49, is the only original member of the band, but still tours with a new line up and plays the band's classic material from their 'Appetite for Destruction' and 'Use Your Illusion' albums, although he admits it took him a long time to get into the right mindset to do so.

He added: "It was hard to make myself want to do the old songs again. It was like, I wasn't going around my house dancing to 'Welcome to the Jungle'. To even figure out how to even make myself move to those songs - and how I was going to move to them - that was a big thing to figure out in 2006."

The notoriously volatile frontman has also fired two mangers within the last year, and accuses them of all of having the agenda of getting the old line up of the band together, rather than concentrating on where he wants to go next.

He said: "All these managers, they all believe in one thing: sell a reunion tour and get their commission. It's just a phone call. It's a half a day's... Work, or however long they want to keep the bidding war going. They get their commission and they don't care if it falls on its face."

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Slash is hoping to record seven songs this week.

The legendary guitarist is working full steam ahead in a Los Angeles studio until Christmas, laying down tracks for his second solo album, hoping to double the amount he's already completed.

He tweeted yesterday: "Back in the studio tomorrow to do song #7. This is our last week before Xmas/NY, then resume recording on the 2nd (sic).

A few hours later he added: "1 song down, getting drums set up for song #2 for the day. Is it possible to get 7 more done before Xmas? Who knows. Iii|; ) (sic)'

Slash also joked about the use of the cowbell drum - a fixture associated with disco and 70s rock - on the record, adding: "The 70's called & asked for their cowbell back. We said 'sc**w u, we're keeping it.'"

The former Guns N' Roses musician has been blasting out the tracks while recording with his band - which includes singer Myles Kennedy, rhythm guitarist Bobby Schneck, bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz - and they have had the studio dog, Elsie, running scared.

Slash added: "Elsie is one serious R & R mfn' dog. She is going to get a rude awakening I fear. She got trapped in the bass iso for the duration of a song. She is permanently shell shocked. Probably won't see her tomorrow."

Tracks which may appear on the album include 'Halo,' 'Standing in the Sun' and 'Bad Rain.'