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The Killers' new Christmas song is inspired by "cowboy poetry."

The Las Vegas rockers release their fifth festive track tomorrow and say 'The Cowboy's Christmas Ball' has a Western theme after frontman Brandon Flowers sought ideas from his reading material.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci said: "Brandon had a book of cowboy poetry and we took one of those and put music to it.

"It's got this 1800s parlance, Western style. It's pretty upbeat and very down-home sounding - and overall pretty cool."

As well as their Christmas single, The Killers are also recording the follow-up to 2008's album 'Day and Age,' and Ronnie is pleased with the work they have done so far.

He added to NME magazine: "It's going really well. We've got a lot of stuff to choose from so now it's just getting it right - we're taking our time and making sure we're doing a good job."

Proceeds from 'The Cowboy's Christmas Ball' will be donated to Project Red, the charity founded by U2's Bono, which aims to raise awareness and funds to help eradicate AIDS in Africa.

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Hanson are launching their own beer.

The musical brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson are in the process of developing an Indian Pale Ale which they plan to release in early 2012, and are going to name the beverage MMMHop after their biggest hit 'MMMBop.'

However, the group admitted they are unlikely to ever follow in the footsteps of other boy bands and develop miniature dolls of themselves.

Speaking at Oxford University Union on Monday night, Zac said: "We of course make records, they are fundamental to what we do. But we wanted to create a brand so that our fans have a greater experience.

"What is vital is that Hanson merchandise is quality and not made solely with the purpose of profit. We have a board game and even a record player to play our last record on. But we will never make dolls, lunch boxes or toothbrushes that play our songs for example.

"It's vital our fans have trust in everything Hanson do. In fact we are soon going to be selling our own beer, I'm not even joking. MMMHop IPA anyone?"

Hanson are not the first band to launch their own beer, as last month British group Elbow developed Build A Rocket Boys Beer in honor of their album of the same name, while Def Leppard's Joe Elliott launched a lager named Down 'N' Outz.

Elsewhere, the likes of AC/DC and Carlos Santana have developed their own wines.


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Chris Martin claims he would be a "terrible" solo artist.

The [art]Coldplay[art] frontman thinks he would struggle to get concerts if he ever left the 'Yellow' rockers - and joked he wouldn't even be good enough to get a show and British holiday chain Butlins, famed for its evenings of semi-professional entertainment.

He said: "I'd just be terrible. I don't think I could even get a gig in Butlins - and I've been to Butlins. I think me and my keyboard would be [on the high street] most days, getting shouted at."

Chris - who is married to Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow - also claimed his bandmates Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion, have always supported him and he couldn't imagine being without them.

He added to Q magazine: "They're very good friends to me because they know that, as the singer, and especially because I'm married to Gwyneth Paltrow, I get eight times as much media as them.

"They know how much I need them, I just couldn't do it on my own."

Chris also has a friendship with rapper Jay-Z, but said he was stunned when the hip-hop superstar said he liked Coldplay's music.

He revealed: "When Jay first said, 'I like your band' I was, like, 'What the f**k are you talking about? No, you don't!' Then I realized he doesn't bring any baggage. 'I like your songs.' It was as simple as that."

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Slash has almost finished writing his second solo album.

The former Guns N' Roses Guitarist is currently preparing and recording his second solo record in Los Angeles, so far finishing three of approximately 20 tracks he intends to record.

He tweeted: "Ok, 13 songs ready to record. 3 already done. 2 more to finish writing before Dec. 12 on the record, 6 bonus trx, Woohoo! (sic)"

Slash has named the three already recorded tracks, 'Halo', 'Standing In The Sun' and 'Bad Rain,' and continues to work in the studio with his backing band, which includes singer Myles Kennedy, rhythm guitarist Bobby Schneck, bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz.

Slash has previously tweeted his excitement at the new material, writing last week: "Last session of the week today. We've been hitting it hard. Sounds killer though. U guys f***ing rock. Can't wait to hit the road next year & play my heart out for u people (sic)."

The album will be a follow up to 2010's 'Slash,' which saw the guitarist work with a number of high profile guest vocalists, although he solidified the line up of his backing band for the second album.