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Bon Jovi will take a two-year break when they finish their 2011 world tour.

The New Jersey rockers - who were named the highest grossing touring act of 2010 - have revealed plans to go on hiatus after they play their last tour date in Lisbon, Portugal in July so fans will "appreciate" them more.

Drummer Tico Torres said: "Sometimes you need to get away so people can appreciate you better, and you also have to get away to live your life and create and recharge. So the best thing I can tell you is we're gonna need a couple years off for sure."

Guitarist Richie Sambora has, however, assured fans the break will not be permanent because the group - which also includes Jon Bon Jovi and David Bryan - want to continue touring for as long as possible like the Rolling Stones.

He said: "We do need a little bit of a break, but not that much of a break, because what's going to happen is there's more songs to be written and. Y'know, guess what? We want to be the Rolling Stones. I know I do.

"We're just going out there and working our a***s off and enjoying it, actually being the best band of our lives. We're not gonna quit. We're gonna keep on going and writing new, great songs, go in the studio and make great records, evolve more and get back into stadiums and give people a great, great show."

Although lead singer Jon has plans to make a solo record during the break, Richie is adamant it won't affect the band reforming after their hiatus.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "Everybody gets to be an individual. He's the leader of this band and you've got to respect that. Who knows what the hell he's gonna do, but it's okay with all of us. We're all gonna stick together. We're like a gang."

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Florence and the Machine's next album is inspired by the "intensity" of heaven and hell.

Singer Florence Welch admits the first music she fell in love with were the hymns she sung at school, and though she is not a religious person, she is fascinated by the themes they explore.

She said: "I went to Catholic school, and the first songs I remember liking were hymns. I find it's nice to mix the mundane and the magical, the irrelevant with the huge themes. Sex, love, death, marriage, guilt - mix that with seeing a huge sky or going for a walk or turning the page of a book. Living is dealing with the everyday and the notion that you're going to die.

"I don't think of myself as religious, but on the next album I'm moving toward the intensity and passion of heaven and hell, revelation and retribution, that kind of battle. The first album was more about flesh. This is about light."

The 24-year-old 'Dog Days are Over' hitmaker is nominated for a Grammy award this year for Best New Artist alongside Drake, Justin Bieber, Mumford & Sons, and Esperanza Spelding and Florence admits she is astonished to be in the running.

She added in an interview with USA Today newspaper: "I feel relatively unknown in America, so I can't quite believe it. It's such an iconic award. Drake is a good friend, and that's what's important. There's no competition. When you take away the glamour and have a chat about your families, you find out you're going through the same situations. He's a real sweetheart. If he wins, I'd be over the moon."

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Civil Twilight - Exclusive Interview
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The three lifelong friends/brothers Steven and Andrew McKeller and Richard Wouters who make up Civil Twilight have been making music together since they were teenagers, and the performance they put on at Stubb's in Austin, TX proves that they have a special chemistry.

Always influenced by British and American artists, the guys from Cape Town, South Africa decided to move to the States a few years ago because "you can spend your whole life touring in America and that's kind of what we wanted to do."

After their music was featured on a number of television shows in the U.S. and abroad and the band developed a steady fanbase, Civil Twilight was added to the roster at label Wind-Up Records.

Since their popularity has risen (and continues to rise!), the band is still in shock that their dreams are actually coming true. Grateful for and humbled by their recent success, Steven claims that they have a "healthy understanding that this is just the beginning and that we have a long career ahead of us, so we're just enjoying the ride."

Check out Civil Twilight's awesome live performance from their show at Stubb's in Austin, TX to watch them perform their hit songs, including their most recent single, "Next To Me," a dramatic piano track about having a second chance with a woman that the singer has wronged in the past.

To hear more from the band, watch this exclusive interview as host Toby Ryan sits down with the guys to discuss the music scene in Cape Town, how they got hooked up at Wind-Up Records, and touring the U.S. as an up-and-coming band.

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