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The Strokes scrapped initial studio recordings for their fourth album to produce it themselves.

The band recently announced they had finished recording the follow up to 2006s 'First Impressions Of Earth', and guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. told Rolling Stone magazine initial ideas laid down at Avatar studios in New York with producer Joe Chiccarelli were dropped, so they develop them on their own.

Albert said: "We spent the last six months recording in my studio upstate and we are beyond thrilled with the 10 songs we have for this record. We cannot wait for everyone to hear it. I'm positive that you'll be as excited as we are."

The band - which also includes Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Nikolai Fraiture and Fabrizio Moretti - decamped to the Catskill mountains area in upstate New York where Albert has a 19th-century-style farmhouse with ten acre plot of land and a recording studio in its barn.

Albert has previously said he house is "exactly what I need to slow things down; to feed my creativity and my soul."

The sessions which have become the album were recorded with Gus Oberg. Initially the 'Last Nite' band started writing songs for the record - which is set for release in March next year - in 2009, and have admitted it was a difficult process, with Julian at one point taking himself out of recording sessions to let his bandmates come up with ideas.


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Less than a year after The Disco Biscuits played a sold-out show in New York to raise money toward the purchase of solar panels for a school, the band recently visited the Albert M. Greenfield Elementary School in their hometown of Philadelphia to see the results of their work. 

"Bisco Power Mission," a joint project between The Disco Biscuits, the non-profit organization HeadCount and Mercury Solar Systems, helped Greenfield become the first public school in Philadelphia to install rooftop solar panels. The $35,000 installation will save the school over $43,000 in energy costs over the next 25 years.


HeadCount is a non-profit organization dedicated to registering voters and inspiring participation in democracy through the power of music. Since it started in 2004, the organization has registered over 150,000 voters. Along with the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, HeadCount's Board of Directors includes well-known musicians, managers, promoters and top media publishers involved in the live music industry.


After visiting a class of fifth graders who have been learning about solar energy, The Disco Biscuit's bass player and co-chair of HeadCount said, "It was pretty amazing to see how it all came together. We always talk about harnessing the energy that music generates - well in this case we literally made that happen."


Adding an educational element to the project, the output of the photovaltaic panels is displayed in real time on a video monitor in the lobby of the school. Next to that is a plaque listing the names of Biscuit fans who helped make Bisco Power Mission possible by purchasing a commemorative poster with their concert ticket.


Proud of the fact that "every time the kids come into school they're getting a little reminder about solar and renewable energy" from the video moniter, The Disco Biscuits guitarist Jon Gutwillig hopes that "some of those kids will grow up to be engineers, and be more likely to work in renewable energy because of it."


The Bisco Power Mission concert was held on March 21 at New York City's environmentally-friendly music hall, the Brooklyn Bowl. The show raised $15,000 for "Greening Greenfield," the organization that is heading the school's five-phase greening project.

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Patti Smith named the new R.E.M. album.

The iconic punk singer appears on 'Collapse Into Now's closing track, 'Blue' and it was when she came to the record her vocals for the album that she suggested the title to rest of the band.

Guitarist Peter Buck said: "Naming the thing is always the hardest. Patti was looking at the lyric sheet and she said, 'how about 'Collapse Into Now'?' So Patti named it and you gotta go with what Patti says."

'Collapse Into Now' is the group's 20th album but Peter insists their enthusiasm for making music is still as strong as it was when they first started out.

He told Q magazine: "I think it's as good as anything we've ever done. We've never made a record that has 12 songs as good as this. I don't think we've been as excited by a record in 20 years."

'Collapse Into Now' will be released in April next year.




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Coldplay have narrowed their next album down to 15 songs and are trying "risky things" with them.

'The Scientist' rockers have narrowed the potential tracks for their fifth album down, but lead singer Chris Martin has imposed some strange rules on himself for how he plans to name them.

He told Q Magazine: "We're down to 15.I'm trying to make sure there are three songs that start with the same letter. On the last album it was 'L'. It might be 'U' this time.

"One of them is 'Up With The Birds'. It might be a duet, but we don't know who with yet. The other two might change."

Aside from song titles beginning with the letter U, Chris revealed there are tracks slated for inclusion on the album including 'Hurts Like Heaven' and 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall', which will likely be the album closer.

Describing the sound, Chris added that guitarist Jonny Buckland is coming into his own.

He said: "'Hurts Like Heaven' is all Jonny. It only has two chords. The songs are group-y, its guitar-y. Johnny is coming out of his cocoon. We're just trying some risky things."

The singer is keen for the group to push themselves, as he feels they're battling against time to complete their best work.

He added: "We're hungry and very fired up. In five years we'll be in our late 30s. You have to have your best work done my then."

Coldplay also announced yesterday morning (11.25.2010) they will release a festive track, 'Christmas Lights', on December 1.