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by Kristi Lee // Thursday, July 26, 2007 // News // 0 Comments


The Hives feel that they are having a "Chinese Democracy" moment. Referring to the long awaited Gun's N Roses album. The band explains how they have been in and out of MANY studios and how this album will sound different from previous work. They have confirmed a title, but they will not say more than it is "semi- long." The band did play four new tracks at the Benicassim festival, which so far has been the only confirmed sign of a new album. Hopefully The Hives will complete the album in less than 9 years!

[Via NME]

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Pop punker Avril Lavigne is being sued for stealing her mega hit "I
Wanna Be Your Girlfriend."
In 1979 the band Rubinoos released "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend," which has striking similarities to Avril's hit
This week, the bands founder Tommy Dunbar filed a suit not only against
Lavigne, but the songwriters and publishing company as well. Lavigne's
spokesperson said that although the songs sound completely different,
they would consider settling out of court.

[Via CBC]