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Saliva's frontman, Josey Scott, is teaming up with American Idol's Chris Daughtry to write a song for an unnamed upcoming major film. With Daughty's successful first hit single "It's Not Over" and Scott's music industry experience, rock fans should expect a great song.

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Tool's spring tour will be put on hold while drummer Danny Carey goes under the knife after tearing his biceps while lifting something at home a few weeks ago. Doctors are not sure how long it will take Carey to recuperate, but will be checking on him weekly. The tour has been postponed indefinitely, but Tool's representatives are telling fans to be patient. The show must go on!

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So it does exist!!!

The "Chinese Democracy" album Axl Rose has been promising us for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 YEARS showed sign of existence yesterday!

A good quality leak of the song "Better" appeared on a few bloging sites yesterday...wait STOP don't go looking for it they are gone.

Guns N Roses management requested it was taken down immediately...

But he wasn't quick enough for me...cause IIIIII heard it!...

You guys if the song fuckin rocked....I'm hoping the rest is this good.

But who knows when we will find out cause we are back to an unsaid album release date...which obviously means that March 6 date is not going to happen.

But I did hear GNR has completed the album and is currently in the mixing stage.

So as long as Axl doesn't start firing management and disposing bandmates the album should be out this year, but don't quote me on that.

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So I've decided to designated February 16 as an annual Holiday.. I call this Holiday the celebration of our Hollywood Socialsluts! This is the date that our favorite to make fun of Hollywood women all had their own 2 cents of drama to add. Lets start with our favorite new stripper Lindsay Lohan who conventionally told us she was done with her "30 day come and go as I please rehab" Then into the afternoon Nicole Richie was charged with DUI and admitted to her combo of weed and vicodin.. and now is looking to face jail time...Do jails make size anorexic orange jumpsuits? Guess Paris wasn't to concerned with her friends ruff day or anyone speaking at the Vienna Opera Ball in Austria. The cameras caught Hilton looking completely bored figiting with her clothes, hair, and phone...hey guys maybe she was thinking how bad she wanted to call her friends to support them during such a ruff time..yeaaaa right Then onto the biggest shocker is our new Sinad O'Connor look alike....Britney Spears. Britney went into a salon and shaved her own HEAD!...yes Britney is bald..then decided to conclude the night with a red lips tattooed onto her wrist. Yes many could say Britney this is very rockstar of you...But coming from someone who sings "Oops I did it Again," "I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Women, " and made the worst remake of "I Love rockin Roll" EVER can not be redeemed for trying to act like a rockstar. So everyone go to your calender and mark February 16 right now! And hopefully we will never have to experience a days worth of media from manufactured, live off my last name, disaster of bubble gum pop brats. I need to go listen to some Slipknot now... ROCK ON

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