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Supermodel Kate Moss and British rocker boyfriend Pete Doherty checked into rehab together this week for usage of cocaine and heroine. Moss and Dogherty are no strangers to rehab. Dogherty has used Buddhist ceremonies and other clinics to keep himself clean while Moss admitted herself to rehab after a 2005 scandal that resulted from a British Magazine publishing photos of her using cocaine in Doherty's recording studio.

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Fall Out Boy's new album Infinity on High was leaked on the internet last week, and has left the band concerned about what this might do to record sales. This wasn't the first incident with the boy's new tunes. The first single off the album, This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arm Race, was also leaked weeks before its scheduled release date. The band and it's record label, Island, have decided at the last minute to include a special bonus EP for fans who purchase the album when it finally hits stores.

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Paris, Paris, Paris and we know I not talking about the city. No I'm talking about the lovely dizz brain blond that our society has made an icon for being...o yea a NOTHING!

And our Nothing has some how done it again. is a website dedicated to Miss Hilton's mishaps that fans can pay 40 bucks to join and view Hilton's raunch.

And it seems the biggest mishap of them all is that our multi millionaire skeeze can't pay her storage bill.

Which lead to the creator of BUYING her storage unit for $10 million, and slowly "exposing" Hilton to all of us.....again.

Somethings exposed to us were....

a US Passport- for Miss Hilton to get to her club appearances that she never shows up for

Pornographic pictures- no surprise here we all know her secret desire to a pornstar

a perscrpition for vicodian - that would explain her gracefulness of showing her crouch to the world

and my fav a prescription of doxycycline- which for some is an antibiotic used to cure acne and for other is used to cure Chlamydia!

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To many of us Hollywood divorces have become part of our daily news....

So when it leaked that pasty face Marylin Manson was divorcing year long wife Dita Von Teese a well known burlesque dancer.

Which is a nice way of calling someone a stripper if u ask me.

My first reaction to the divorce was a big whoopee do.

The news that came after is what made me pick my jaw up off the ground.

It seems 38 year old Manson has been shacking up with Evan Rachael Wood....A 19 YEAR OLD!!!!

Manson and Wood supposedly met on the set of the horror film he is shooting, and he asked her to pose for him in some paintings......I would love to see those paintings.

You know I don't think any man in rock can have enough tattoos or piecing, and even a lil eyeliner turns me on.

But cheating on your stripper wife..I'm sorry burlesque dancer... for a teenage girl is just FD up!