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Strippers. Strippers are like candy in a candy store for men. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and in a rockers world strip clubs are a second home.

What Hollywood scarlet can now add stripping to her resume? None other then "mean girl" Miss Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan was seen recently at a famous New York strip club with top model Kate Moss.Linday didn't you just get out of rehab???? Not really sure if that a good partner in crime.....

While at the club Lohan and Moss decided to monkey around the pole while "caressing' each other.

Photo's anyone????

I can assume Lohan was hanging out at the club preparing for her role in the movie " I Know Who Killed Me ' that she plays none other then a stripper.

When the New York Post asked the "professionals' about Lohans dancing they described it as "klutzy' and "awkward.'..... They seemed a little in shock she was even casted for such a role.

Yeaaaaaaa like what red-blooded male doesn't want to see Lindsay Lohan STRIP!

So Linds you've had a rockstar month! First rehab now stripclubs.all you need is a rocker boyfriend and we could hang out! Ha.

Rock on!

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Good Charlottes, Joel Madden who has been busy collaborating with heavy rockers Avenged Sevenfold joined his ex Hilary Duff obtaining a joint restraining order against two photographers.


But Madden and Duff dropped all charges order this week after the photographers "apologized for any misunderstanding, his cooperation, and his assurances that he will not seek further contact with Ms. Duff, Mr. Madden, or any of their family members or representatives."

Hopefully, now Madden can prepare for Good Charlotte's fourth album "Good Morning Revival." The first single will be with long term friends. Which will be the bands first collaboration. The albums release date is set for March 20th 2007.

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Heathen Sam Kress, lead singer for metal bandHeathen and co- founder of fanzine Whiplash, passed away last week. Cause of his death has not been released. Whiplash's co-founder and long time friend Brain Lew stated: "Basically, Sam was more the business guy and I was more the creative guy and we worked well together... We also spent a lot of time hanging out with other metalhead friends... Listening to metal, drinking, being young and stupid. I can't even guess how many times I crashed on his couch." Lew also stated he regrets not seeing Kress enought in the last few years.

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Journey has officially named Jeff Scott Soto as the lead singer. Soto started as a temporary replacement for Steve Augeri who was frontman for eight years. Augeri had replaced the legendary Steve Perry who fronted the band to world wide success in the 80's.Augeri had to cut Journey's summer tour short from a throat illness and never returned.