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This past Saturday I went to see Hinder open up for Nickelback, and I interviewed Hinder on their new single "Lips of an Angel." They let me hang out for the rest of the night and tape some really crazy stuff...two words..Old will have to wait see what that means!


Dimebag Darell's(former lead guitarist of Pantera who was shot on stage in 2004) girlfriend,Rita, came to watch the show and lets just say what a cool chick! She got me in a little trouble with the Seagram 7! So bad I erased all the pics on my digital camera that night!


Great times, great people, great fans! Thank you Hinder and Craig (AND my mofo Chris @ Universal) had a blast!

Stay tuned for the Hinder commentary!!!!!!!!! And call in local radio for "Lips of an Angel"!!!!!!!

Hinder #1 in this weeks countdown!

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August 31, the VMA's air on MTV hosted by Jack Black. Don't worry because if you miss it MTV will replay it 25 times. I really don't think I can handle 25 times of Jack Black's humor.(I did see Nacho Libre!!!)

Past few years I've been disappointed by the VMA's, but a few years back I can remember some pretty cool performances...anyone remember Britney Spears and Nysnc performance together?????

Yea I WAS an NYSNC fan!

From what I've heard Justin Timberlake has been taring up the stage lately on his mini tour sending Britney submissive messages in the show...yea Justin I heard about the rip on K Fed at the Teen Choice Awards and flicking Brit off.....the audience got it!

So I can't wait to see if Justin will do this in his VMA about entertainment!

Newbie Panic At the Disco will be performing this year, and is nominated for multiple awards. They put on a great show at Lollapalooza with mimes. Along with some of my other favorite artists, that have videos on Roxwel, All American Rejects and The Raconteurs.

AFI, Angels & Airwaves, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and 30 Seconds to Mars are all nominated for VMA's, and videos can be found on Roxwel. With a really cool artist commentary I got to do with Jared Leto's brother, and drummer, of 30 Seconds to Mars!

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently recorded a 4 song acoustic session in SF during their US Tour, featuring Cheated Hearts, Gold Lion, Turn Into, and an amazing Sonic Youth track called Diamond Sea. You can check out the EP on iTunes!!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Official Site

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