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New Tool Logo
New Logo

Tool Album

Cover art for 10,000 Days. This picture is cool in and of itself, however, if you stare at it from 2-3 feet away and cross your eyes slightly, you should be able to see another picture. Check out Adam Jones's Myspace page for more images to practice with.

Both images were taken from

Below is the Tracklisting for 10,000 Days.
Wings For Marie (Pt 1)
10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)
The Pot
Lipan Conjuring
Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)
Rosetta Stoned
Right In Two
Viginti Tres

Tool will break a five-year silence on May 2nd with its next Volcano album, 10,000 Days. No other details have yet been revealed about the project, which is the follow-up to 2001's Lateralus. Rumor has it that 10,000 Days will be a heavier album that Lateralus.

Tool will play its first U.S. show since late 2002 when it headlines the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on April 30th in Indio, CA. Casey, Roxwel's Technical director, will be attending the concert and you should expect a full run down of Tool's performace.

Afterward, Tool will spend the first portion of the summer playing the European festival circuit, with dates on tap through July 9th at Finland's Turku Festival.

Here are Tool's tour dates:

* 5/26 - Lisbon, Portugal at Parque Tejo
* 5/27 - Madrid, Spain at Festimad
* 5/29 - Barcelona, Spain at Razzmatazz
* 5/30 - Villeurbanne, France at Transbordeur
* 5/31 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg at Rockhal
* 6/2: Nurburgring, Germany at Rock am Ring
* 6/3 - Nuremberg, Germany at Rock im Park
* 6/4 - Landgraaf, Holland at Pink Pop Festival
* 6/5 - Hamburg, Germany at Sporthalle
* 6/7 - Berlin, Germany at Columbiahalle
* 6/8 - Dusseldorf, Germany at Phillipshalle
* 6/9 - Donington, England at Download Festival
* 6/17 - Nickelsdorf, Austria at Nova Rock Festival
* 6/19 - Milan, Italy at Filaforum
* 6/21 - Rome, Italy at Foro Italico Center
* 6/22 - Bologna, Italy at L.R. Arena
* 6/24 - Katowice, Poland at Spodek
* /25 - Prage, Czech Republic at T-Mobile Arena
* 6/28 - Paris, France at Le Zenith
* 6/29 - Werchter, Belgium at Rock Werchter Festival
* 7/1 - Roskilde, Denmark at Roskilde Festival
* 4/4 - Kristiansand, Norway at Quart Festival
* 7/7 - Gothenburg, Sweden at Metal Town Festival
* 7/9 - Turku, Finland at Turku Festival

Stay tuned for More Tool news....

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mohazimaRoxwel ran into New York music video director Moh Azima at Shy Child\'s SXSW showcase. We were fired up to meet the guy who directed Chromeo\'s \'Rage\' - one of our favorites. The rest ain\'t bad either. Towers of London and The Hold Steady spots in particular. Moh\'s tense short film, \'Trapped In Freedom\' is also included to complete the collection.

Also by Moh Azima


Chromeo - Array][title]



Vice Recordings
Moh Azima (Dirty Pictures, Factory Features)

The two guys from Chromeo are cloned into a full disco band.


Ambulance Ltd - Array][title]

Ambulance Ltd

Stay Where You Are

Moh Azima

A fresh take on the standard performance video from director Moh Azima utilizing split screens to mix the band with their NYC scenery.


Priestess - Array][title]


Run Home

Indica Records
Moh Azima

A dude on the run finds no help when he comes across Canadian rockers, Priestess, in the woods. Their heavy retro-metal sound and rack of high beam lights force him to go back where he came from.


The Hold Steady - Array][title]

The Hold Steady

The Swish

French Kiss
Moh Azima

Brooklyn based band with Minneapolis roots likes confusing us with lines like,'My Name Is Rick Danko and people call me One Hour Photo.' Did people really call Danko that? Totally cool video starts off strong with motion similar that of the White Stripes 'Seven Nation Army' video.


Towers of London - Array][title]

Towers of London

How Rude She Was

Moh Azima

Lead Donny Tourlette ended up in a Cambridge court after swinging from an overhead cable at a show and pulling down a canopy that broke scaffolding. That type of punk energy is not missing from this in-your-face video featuring a bunch of rude rollergirls.


Taproot - Array][title]



Atlantic Records
Moh Azima

Michigan Nu-Metal band, Taproot, gained success touring with KoRn and Linkin Park. The 'Calling' was the official song of wrestling's WWE's Unforgiven in 2005. Watch until the end of the video and see how the line'I Don't See You Anymore' rings true - think 'Twilight Zone - The Movie.'


Calla - Array][title]


It Dawned On Me

Beggars US
Moh Azima

Calla's pristine harmonies and rhythmic sounds are why the Alternative Press picked em as 'the number one wand to watch.' The video has the band playing among endless rows of concrete structures.


Calla - Array][title]



Arena Rock
Moh Azima

Intense video edits together live footage and still shots from Calla on tour.


Longview - Array][title]



Warner UK
Moh Azima

This video documents the life of a British band - tall beers backstage, movin around in strange English taxis, and trains.

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sample mrtg graph
MRTG is great. I've been using it to keep an eye on our bandwidth for years now, monitoring per port traffic and aggregate outbound traffic through the router. It's always good to know your traffic just in case your IP carrier makes a "billing error".

As an admin, your life gets alot more complicated when your network starts to get over 100mbit/s. You have to toss out your cisco catalyst 2924 XLs and order something a little more exotic. When the time came for us, I opted to go with this sucker: the 2960G (WS-C2960G-24TC-L).

Now on to the nitty gritty. MRTG will bottom out at 114 mbit/s - there will be this nice line tracking across the top, then bam, it'll hit the bottom and everyone will freak out because they think the network is down. It's not a bug, it's counters rolling.

screenshot of snmpwalk MRTG works by reading some SNMP counters every 5 minutes, then computing the difference between them, then infering the 5 minute avg data rate needed to get from the previous value to the current. It's like computing your speed by looking at the odometer in your car every 5 minutes. In the screenshot, the line ifInOctets.1 = Counter32: 425201421 is an example of one of those odometers. Below 114, the 32bit odometer MRTG looks at works fine, and when it occasionaly rolls over, MRTG is smart enough to pick it up and keep going. At 114 mbit/s, the 32bit odometer is rolling over in between samples, so MRTG has no idea how fast things are going - it has to assume things are going slow.

Luckily there is a solution, and it lies in the 64 bit counters, eg IF-MIB::ifHCOutOctets.5 = Counter64: 10508301908821
The HC is for high capacity, and MRTG is ready to deal with them. A target line in mrtg.cfg will look something like this:
Target[]:, but when you want it to look at the counter64 values, it needs to look like this:

Now I had a hell of a time getting the counter64 values to even show up on my linux boxes. SNMP needs to be configured with --enable-mfd-rewrites. Gentoo docs reported that use flag mfd-rewrites would enable this, but the stable package net-snmp- doesn't support this. Time to edit the ebuild file. This was a little scary for me since I had never done that, but it tunred out to be no big deal. I just opened /usr/portage/net-analyzer/net-snmp/net-snmp- in an editor, added the line --enable-mfd-rewrites \
in the econf section, and rebuilt the digest by running
ebuild /usr/local/portage/net-analyzer/net-snmp/net-snmp- digest

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oliverfutureLA-based Oliver Future returned to their former hometown of Austin, TX for a showcase during the SXSW Music Festival. The band & director Mike Garza stopped by our studio to give us a behind the scenes look at the making of their video, In The Shadows.

Also by Oliver Future


Oliver Future - Array][title]

Oliver Future

In The Shadows

Lilywhite Records
Mike Garza

This animated clip from director Mike Garza depicts a haunting city scene in which men are transformed into shadowy creatures that ulitmately regain thier human form in the light of a hidden doorway.


Oliver Future - Array][title]

Oliver Future

Behind The Scenes: In The Shadows

Lilywhite Records
Mike Garza

Oliver Future and director Mike Garza stopped by our studios to provide a behind the scenes look at the making of the video for In The Shadows.

Other Alt-Pop Acts


Blur - Array][title]


Out Of Time

John Hardwick

A lonely young sailor on an aircraft carrier is far from home pining for a lost love.


Morrissey - Array][title]


Irish Blood English Heart

Sanctuary Records Group
A/V Club

Morrissey performs in an impromptu setting for a small group of fans.


Doves - Array][title]


The Man Who Told Everything

Sam Brown

This guy is so dumb. He tells his live-in girlfriend something that she does not need to know. Of course she is going to over react.

SXSW Festival


Bloc Party - Array][title]

Bloc Party


Vice Recordings
4 Versions (Nautilus(B&W), Alex&Liane(GiantHands), Scott Lyon, Adam Smith (Streets Remix)

This multi-national, multi-cultural band performs live before an audience filled with handsome guys and beautiful gals.


High Dials - Array][title]

High Dials

Fields In Glass

Rainbow Quartz
Plates Animation

The 18 songs on this album tell the story of a mysterious character known only as "Silas" and his attempt to escape unseen powers in a nightmarish city of the future. Slick animation from the same collective (Plates Animation) that did videos for Arcade Fire, The Shins, and Black Rebal Motorcycle Club.


Single Frame - Array][title]

Single Frame

Comm Jet

Volcom Entertainment

An office worker can't get porn off of his brain.

Also from LA


Phantom Planet - Array][title]

Phantom Planet

Big Brat

Epic Records
A/V Club

Phantom Planet and their friends are getting set to make an amatuer movie. They got a killer idea - a zombie love story.


Weezer - Array][title]



Karl Koch

Total indie effort from Weezer. The boys are in their matching soccer uniforms practicing before the game. Soccer mirrors life as they are at the arena for a sound check before the show.


Autolux - Array][title]


Turnstile Blues

Epic Records
Shawn Kim

Art Rock performance captured on the security camera monitors.