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Arcade Fire In Early Stages of Album

by Unknown // Tuesday, November 11, 2008 // Promo Music, Upfront // 0 Comments


arcade fire



There has finally been some kind of Arcade Fire update, David Byrne mentioned in his blog that Arcade Fire are in the early stages of their new album. His exact words were " they’re in the very early stages of beginning a new recording", which probably means that thy are still writing and making demos of their new ideas. Its been a while since we learned anything that has been going on with the Arcade Fire first we hear they are making a new soundtrack for the new Donnie Darko movie, then we hear it isn't a whole soundtrack just an instrumental piece by Win, Regine, and Owen Pallett. Whatever they are doing I am just going to wait for the new release. In other Arcade Fire news Win Butler wrote in his blog about Barack Obama winning the Presidency.


He wrote in Win's Scrapbook: Hello fellow citizens! Some shots from Chicago...what a beautiful day. I will be sustained by that one for a while. Off to Haiti for a week to visit the Partners in Health clinics. Please give anything you can at, as 4 hurricanes in one season is far too much for the country to take... I hope you had a wonderful "finally a smart president day"! lots of love, Win


Listen to The Arcade Fire - Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son (Serge Gainsbourg Cover)