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From Lastfm:

Wire Train was formed in San Francisco in the early eighties and signed to 415/CBS in 1983.

Wire Train released three records for 415/CBS; In A Chamber, Between Two Words, and Ten Women. The band Recorded three CD's for MCA in the nineties; California Republic, No Soul No Strain and Snug. Only the first two MCA CD's were released.

Wire Train were a band whose music evolved from record to record at a time when artists were expected to repeat their past successes. An intense attachment exists between fans of each 'period' of Wire Trains music, with fans of each sometimes unaware of the others. Music critics often favor the bands scrappy beginnings, classic rock fans the middle 'folky' period and most musicians favor the latter experimental deconstructed pop style.

Wire Train disbanded in 1993 after MCA declined to release Snug, by far the bands finest record.

The disc was never shopped to other labels and all copies were lost until 2003 when a master DAT was found. Wire Train is Jeffrey Trott, Anders Rundblad, Brian Macleod, Kevin Hunter.

From Wikipedia:

Wire Train was a United States based group who produced six albums in the 1980s and early 1990s. The band was originally formed as the Renegades in April 1983 in San Francisco. Wire Train signed to the local 415 Records label, also home to acts like Translator and Romeo Void, all of which found themselves with a national distribution deal when 415 entered into a deal with Columbia Records.

Wire Train's first album, In a Chamber, made the national charts in 1984, as did its second Between Two Words in 1986 and fifth No Soul No Strain in 1993. Brian MacLeod replaced Federico Gil Sola for the second album, and Kurt Herr left during the making of Between Two Words, to be replaced by Jeff Trott for their third album, Ten Women, which also charted in 1987. Dave Sharp, guitarist with The Alarm, featured on that album's Breakwater Days.

The group's, Wire Train (1990) and No Soul No Strain (1992), appeared on MCA Records . In 1993 MCA rejected their next effort "Snug" as "too weird". Subsequently it been released as a digital download through iTunes and Amazon in April 2009.

Wire Train's "I Will Not Fall" appears on the soundtrack for the film Point Break. Wire Train's "I'll Do You" appears in the game Scarface: The World Is Yours.

The band, The Action Design covered two Wire Train songs(I'll Do You and Chamber Of Hellos) for Endless Bummer movie soundtrack.

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