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The American experimental musical project Team Sleep has its origins in the mind of Chino Moreno, frontman for seminal alternative rock band Deftones. Less of a stand-alone band and more of a musical side project of Moreno's, Team Sleep was originally conceived in the mid 1990's when Moreno began trading cassette tapes recorded at home with the Los Angeles-based DJ Crook. Some of their collaborations were featured on the 2000 Deftones album White Pony, and the two began playing shows as Team Sleep across the west coast by late 2001.

Wanting to release a Team Sleep album, Moreno and DJ Crook recorded material heavily throughout 2002 and 2003. Their eponymous debut album was to have been released on Maverick Records in late 2003, but was retooled somewhat and finally released in mid-2005. Team Sleep received generally positive reviews and has been widely praised for its genre-bending sensibilities, drawing inspiration from genres as diverse as alternative rock, trip hop, and ambient electronica. Songs from the album include "Your Skull Is Red", "Staring at the Queen", "Paris Arm", and "Ataraxia".

Based on the warm reception received by their first album, Team Sleep is continuing to record music but does not intend to release another full length album until around 2010. The group is currently releasing all of their work over the internet, often revealing new songs at live shows or on their MySpace.

From Lastfm:

Team Sleep originated as Chino Moreno's idea to create a softer, moody side project from his mainstay, Deftones. Originally, the song "Teenager" (released in 2000 on the Deftones record "White Pony") was meant to be a Team Sleep song. DJ Crook, a long-time friend and roommate of Frank Delgado, had done the beats on Teenager. Chino Moreno decided to start Team Sleep with DJ Crook, and Chino's childhood friend, Todd Wilkinson. To date, Zach Hill and Rick Verrett have been added to the permanent roster as drummer and bassist.

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From Wikipedia:

Team Sleep is an American experimental alternative rock group led by singer/guitarist Chino Moreno, better known for fronting the Sacramento-based alternative metal band Deftones.

Team Sleep's music touches on many genres, including dream pop, trip hop, post-hardcore, shoegaze, post-rock, and electronica. More so than the Deftones, many of Team Sleep's themes and lyrics are fantastical and imaginative in nature, drawing from such literary sources as Edgar Allan Poe and historical events like the Jonestown Massacre.

As of 2007, Team Sleep is composed of Moreno, guitarist Todd Wilkinson, turntablist DJ Crook, drummer Zach Hill and bass guitarist/keyboardist Rick Verrett.

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