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Five Finger Death Punch might be a newcomer on the metal scene - the band formed in 2005 - but its members sure aren�t. The Los Angeles, California heavy metal supergroup boasts an all-star lineup, with frontman Ivan Moody (formerly of Motograter and Ghost Machine) growling over guitar riffs and double-bass drum by ex-Anubis Rising bassist Matt Snell and guitarist Zoltan Bathory, an well as 80�s shock rock band W.A.S.P. veterans Darrell Roberts (guitar) and Jeremy Spencer (drums). Just as intense as their name, Five Finger Death Punch (sometimes abbreviated to 5FDP) has risen to the top of the metal scene with their exciting, violent brand of thrash-infused metal.

Soon after its formation, Five Finger Death Punch secured a record deal with The Firm, Inc., the colossal Beverly Hills-based entertainment and promotions company behind the success of acts like Korn, Snoop Dogg, and Linkin Park. Contract firmly in hand, the band began recording material for their debut album as early as 2006, aided by famed Motley Crue producer Stevo "Shotgun" Bruno and former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader. After over a year of hard work in studios from California to Oklahoma, Five Finger Death Punch finally released their freshman album The Way of The Fist in mid-2007, along with their three track Pre-Emptive Strike EP.

The Way of the Fist proved to be an immediate success, charting on the Billboard 200 and moving over 200,000 copies to date. The record - which drew lofty comparisons to metal stalwarts like Pantera and Shadows Fall - has so far produced two singles, 2007�s "The Bleeding" and 2008�s "Never Enough". Both singles have charted at #8 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks index, with the former remaining on the charts for a staggering 8 weeks.

The band has been touring aggressively in support of The Way of the Fist since its release, performing alongside acts like Flyleaf and Evanescence during the 30-location 2007 Family Values Tour as well as participating in the 2008 Bitch We Have a Problem Tour with Korn and Hellyeah. Five Finger Death Punch plans to finish up 2008 with even more shows, playing with Another Black Day and Bury Your Dead throughout December 2008. These guys have talent; keep your eyes peeled for new material by 5FDP in the future.

From Discogs:

Five Finger Death Punch is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles California, formed in 2005 by Hungarian born guitarist, Zoltan Bathory. Bathory brought together the talents of Ivan Moody (vocals), Jeremy Spencer (drums), Matt Snell (bass), and Jason Hook (guitars). The band was named "Five Finger Death Punch" as a nod to classic Kung-Fu Cinema.Former member:Caleb Bingham

From Lastfm:

Five Finger Death Punch were formed in 2005 by guitarist Zoltan Bathory (formerly of U.P.O.). The American Capitalist Songfacts states that Bathory came up with the name after being amused by a scene involving a five finger punch in Kill Bill 2. Other members recruited to the band include former Motograter & Ghost Machine vocalist Ivan Moody, former W.A.S.P. members guitarist Darrell Roberts and drummer Jeremy Spencer, and former Anubis Rising/Deadsett bassist Matt Snell.

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From Wikipedia:

Five Finger Death Punch (also initialized as 5FDP or FFDP) is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2005, the group's name is derived from classic oriental martial arts cinema. The band originally consisted of vocalist Ivan Moody, guitarist Zoltan Bathory, guitarist Caleb Andrew Bingham, bassist Matt Snell, and drummer Jeremy Spencer. Bingham was replaced by guitarist Darrell Roberts in 2006, who was then replaced by Jason Hook in 2009. Bassist Matt Snell departed from the band in 2010 and was replaced by Chris Kael in 2011.

Their debut album The Way of the Fist was released in 2007. Following its release the band began achieving success rapidly. The 2009 follow-up album War Is the Answer further increased their popularity, leading to both of the albums being certified gold by the RIAA, selling over 500,000 copies each in the United States. The band's third album, entitled American Capitalist was released on October 11, 2011. The band has played international music festivals including Mayhem Festival in 2008 and 2010, and Download Festival in 2009 and 2010.

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