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Canadian rapper of Jamaican descent, born in Scarborough, Ontario, in east Toronto.

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Choclair is a foundational hip-hop artist from Scarborough. Starting at the age of 11, Kareem "Choclair" Blake first played the role of 'Junior' following in his older brother's footsteps who, at the time, was the hottest rapper on the block. This was the bar for Kareem Blake.

In 1996, he released his debut album, Twenty One Years, on his own independent label, Kneedeep Records. He subsequently appeared on Rascalz' "Northern Touch" single, and signed with Virgin Records for his 1999 sophomore album Ice Cold. That album, which went gold in 35 days and spawned the hit single "Let's Ride", produced by Kardinal Offishall, was a major part of the late-1990s renaissance of Canadian hip hop.

The underground community worldwide quickly embraced the album, establishing him as a standout rapper in the burgeoning Canadian hip-hop scene. Most of Choclair's independent releases were featured around the globe on prestigious hip-hop compilations. In June of 1998, after having released 11 records (including the first international releases for Saukrates, Kardinal Offishall, Jully Black, Solitair, Marvel, Tara Chase and many more of Toronto's finest), achieving a Gold Record with the Rascalz on Canada's hip hop anthem, "The Northern Touch", receiving 2 JUNO awards and a Much Music Award, Choclair then decided to expand his team and join forces with Virgin Music.

Armed with his many JUNOs, Much Music Awards, Gold records, collaborations and newfound knowledge of how the business works, Choclair has gone back to his grassroots and started his own independent label again. With full artistic control, he is ready to present his renewed energy and new attitude to the people. "I'm the most excited about this album here because it'll be the first release on my new label, Greenhouse Music in partnership with Sextant Records/EMI Music Canada". Choclair meditates on the writing and concepts for his 3rd album "Flagrant", "I felt there was an energy I had when I was doing it on my own I wanted to get back. My manager and original producer Day and I felt like it was time to do what we had always wanted to do, and that was to start our own record label."

"2003 is the rebirth of the independent Choclair, my independent label, and hopefully, the start of a new outlet for the widely untapped Canadian urban talent." Choclair and his new label and partnership aim to raise the standard by which Canadian hip-hop is measured.

Choclair subsequently launched his own label, Greenhouse Music, to release his records and other Canadian hip hop albums in conjunction with Sextant Records and EMI Music. He called it "Greenhouse" because it is where "the green is made". His 2003 album Flagrant was the first release on Greenhouse. In the summer of 2003, following the release of Flagrant, Greenhouse released My Demo, a collection of Choclair's early underground recordings.

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Kareem Blake, better known by his stage name Choclair, is a Canadian rapper. He helped develop Canadian hip hop in the 1990s, as a member of the Circle.


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