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Mars is a long way away - about 140,000,000 miles, actually. Even at the speed of light, it would take about 721 seconds to get to Mars. Getting to Mars in 30 seconds may be a physical impossibility (go ask Bill Nye), but it's also the name of actor Jared Leto's rock band, 30 Seconds to Mars. Though Jared is perhaps better known for his acting career (which includes parts in blockbusters like Fight Club, Lord of War, and Requiem for a Dream), he's been into music for a long time; he formed the band in 1998 with his brother Shannon, and they've been jamming ever since. Jared (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Shannon (drums) are currently accompanied by lead guitarist Tomo Milicevic and a touring bassist; former members include Matt Wachter (now in Angels & Airwaves) and Solon Bixler, current frontman of pop outfit Great Northern.

Though nominally based out of Los Angeles, 30 Seconds to Mars practices and records around the world to accompany Jared's hectic acting schedule. The band secured a record deal with Virgin Records (The Smashing Pumpkins, Does It Offend You, Yeah?) soon after its formation, making their debut in 2002 with the release of their self titled album 30 Seconds to Mars. Somewhat different from the vibrant post-hardcore sound the band currently produces, 30 Seconds to Mars featured a deeper, synth-thinged progressive metal sound. The album was moderately successful, moving 100,000 copies to date and producing two singles, "Capricorn" and "Edge of the Earth".

30 Seconds to Mars switched up their style a bit in preparation for their next album, ditching their heavy and atmospheric sound for a faster and more marketable sound, similar to contemporaries like Head Automatica and Thursday. Their sophomore album A Beautiful Lie took almost three years to prepare, recorded sporadically across the globe in locations as far away as Alaska, New York City, and South Africa. A Beautiful Lie was far more successful than their debut, earning a coveted Platinum certification and moving well over a million units based on the success of singles "The Kill", "From Yesterday", and "A Beautiful Lie". Though originally released in 2005, A Beautiful Lie was re-released in 2007 due to international demand. The band continues to tour in support of A Beautiful Lie, playing alongside acts like The Used and Linkin Park throughout 2006 and 2007.

Of particular note is the video for 30 Seconds to Mars' single "The Kill", which has won numerous awards including Best Single at the 2007 Kerrang! Awards, as well as the MTV2 Award at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. The video features the band exploring a creepy old hotel similar to the one featured in the classic Jack Nicholson movie The Shining, though in reality it was filmed in a Canadian conference hall. Check out our exclusive artist commentary on the video to find out even more!

From Discogs:

Jared Leto - lead vocals, rhythm guitar (1998 - )Shannon Leto - drums, percussion (1998 - )Tomo Miličević - lead guitar, violin, keyboards (2003 - )Former members:Matt Wachter - bass guitar, keyboards, synthesizer (2001 - 2007)Solon Bixler - guitar (2000 - 2003)Kevin Drake - guitar (1999 - 2001)Touring members:Tim Kelleher - bass guitar, keyboards (2007 - )

From Lastfm:

Created in 1998 in Los Angeles, California, United States by Jared Leto and his brother, Shannon, 30 Seconds to Mars initially began as a small family project. Matt Wachter later joined the band as bassist and keyboard player. After working with a number of guitarists (including Kevin Drake and Solon Bixler), the band auditioned Tomo Miličević to complete the band's official roster. After Wachter's departure from the band in 2006, the Leto brothers and Miličević continue on as a trio with additional touring members, including Tim Kelleher on bass.

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From Wikipedia:

30 Seconds to Mars is an American rock band from Los Angeles, formed in 1998. Since 2007, the band has consisted of actor Jared Leto (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, songwriter), Shannon Leto (drums, percussion) and Tomo Miličević (lead guitar, keyboards). Following the departure of Matt Wachter (now of Angels & Airwaves) in 2007, Tim Kelleher became the bassist for the group, performing live only with both Jared and Miličević recording bass for studio recordings, while Braxton Olita (keyboards) was added to the touring lineup in 2009. Previously, the group also featured guitarists Solon Bixler (now of Great Northern) and Kevin Drake (now of Polaroid Kiss).

To date, 30 Seconds to Mars have released three studio albums - 30 Seconds to Mars (2002), A Beautiful Lie (2005), This Is War (2009) and three extended plays - AOL Sessions Undercover (2007), To the Edge of the Earth (2008), and MTV Unplugged: 30 Seconds to Mars (2011).

30 Seconds to Mars' music has been associated mostly with neo-prog, progressive metal and post-grunge, but they have also included emo, screamo, space rock and synthrock into their music. They have been compared to Pink Floyd (who were an influence on their work) and Tool because of their use of philosophical and spiritual lyrics, concept albums and their use of experimental music.

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